Handbook of Perception and Action, 1 book cover

Handbook of Perception and Action, 1


Researchers, technicians, graduate students, and final year undergraduates in psychology, speech and hearing, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, neuroscience, neurobiology, and physiology.

Hardbound, 456 pages

Published: April 1996

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-516161-9


  • List of Contributors.Preface.W. Prinz and B. Bridgeman, Introduction.Basic Processes and Mechanisms:A. Reeves, Temporal Resolution in Visual Perception.L. Kehrer and C. Meinecke, Perceptual Organization of Visual Patterns: The Segmentation of Textures.M. Eimer, Stereoscopic Depth Perception.W.X. Schneider, Neural Networks and Visual Information Processing.H. Deubel, Visual Processing and Cognitive Factors in the Generation of Saccadic Eye Movements.B. Bridgeman, Extraretinal Signals in Visual Orientation. Perception of Objects, Events, and Actions:W.L. Shebilske and A.L. Peters, Perceptual Constancies: Analysis and Synthesis.D. Deutsch, The Perception of Auditory Patterns.J. Hoffmann, Visual Object Recognition.R.E. Shaw, O.M. Flascher, and W.M. Mace, Dimensions of Event Perception.J. Stränger and B. Hommel, The Perception of Action and Movement.Chapter References.Subject Index.


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