Handbook of Nonwoven Filter Media book cover

Handbook of Nonwoven Filter Media

The increasing importance of nonwoven filter media is due in part to their versatility: they are used in the pre-filtration of liquids, protection of membrane filters, gaseous filtration, the automotive industry, air purification, wet filtration and many household uses. Despite this, no comprehensive account of these media has existed until now. Irwin (Marshall) Hutten is well-known throughout the nonwoven industry and brings enormous experience and knowledge to this Handbook. All aspects of the properties, formation, materials, types of filters, applications, test-methods and standards are to be found within this volume.

Process engineers, maintenance engineers, chemical engineers in the water, gas, oil, beverage and process industries, plus manufacturers, specifiers and end-users of nonwoven filter media.

Hardbound, 496 Pages

Published: February 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-1-85617-441-1


  • Preface; Introduction; Processes for Forming Nonwoven Filter Media; Raw Materials for Nonwoven Filter Media; Types of Filters Using Nonwovens; Applications for Nonwoven Filters; Test Methods for Nonwoven Filter Media; Standards for Nonwoven Media; Glossary; Index; Appendix.


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