Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health book cover

Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health

Assessment and Treatment of Diverse Populations

The Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health, Second Edition, discusses the impact of cultural, ethnic, and racial variables for the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, service delivery, and development of skills for working with culturally diverse populations. Intended for the mental health practitioner, the book translates research findings into information to be applied in practice.

The new edition contains more than 50% new material and includes contributions from established leaders in the field as well as voices from rising stars in the area. It recognizes diversity as extending beyond race and ethnicity to reflect characteristics or experiences related to gender, age, religion, disability, and socioeconomic status. Individuals are viewed as complex and shaped by different intersections and saliencies of multiple elements of diversity.

Chapters have been wholly revised and updated, and new coverage includes indigenous approaches to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and physical disorders; spirituality; the therapeutic needs of culturally diverse clients with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities; suicide among racial and ethnic groups; multicultural considerations for treatment of military personnel and multicultural curriculum and training.


Practicing clinicians and counselors, and researchers in clinical psychology and sociology. Psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychiatrists and cross-cultural researchers.

Hardbound, 660 Pages

Published: July 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394420-7


  • Contributors


    Domain I: Foundations-Overview of Theory and Models

    Chapter 1 - The Study of Culture and Psychopathology: Fundamental Concepts and Historic Forces

    Ann-Marie Yamada and Anthony J. Marsella

    Chapter 2 - Culture-Bound Syndromes, Cultural Variations, and Psychopathology

    Freddy A. Paniagua

    Chapter 3 - Cultural Models of Health and Illness

    Ronald J. Angel and Kristi Williams

    Chapter 4 - Indigenous Approaches to Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Mental Disorders

    Louise Sundararajan, Girishwar Misra, and Anthony J. Marsella

    Chapter 5 - Race, Ethnicity, and the Epidemiology of Mental Disorders in Adults

    Charles E. Holzer, III and Sam Copeland

    Chapter 6 - The Role of the Social Class Worldview Model in the Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Mental and Physical Health

    William Ming Liu, Marcus C. Alt, and Ryan F. Pittsinger

    Chapter 7 - Gender Role Conflict and Intersecting Identities in the Assessment and Treatment of Culturally Diverse Populations

    Genevieve Canales and Sofia A. Lopez

    Chapter 8 - Spirituality and Culture: Implications for Mental Health Service Delivery to Diverse Populations

    Jennifer Shimako Abe

    Chapter 9 - Nativity and Migration: Considering Acculturation in the Assessment and Treatment of Mental Disorders

    Gayle Y. Iwamasa, Shilpa M. P. Regan, Andrew Subica, and Ann-Marie Yamada

    Domain II: Specialized Assessment in a Multicultural Context

    Chapter 10 - Conducting the Cross-Cultural Clinical Interview

    Cervando Martinez

    Chapter 11 - Culture and Methodology in Personality Assessment

    Richard H. Dana

    Chapter 12 - Neuropsychological Assessment of Culturally and Educationally Dissimilar Individuals

    Antonio Puente, Miguel Perez-Garcia, Raquel Vilar Lopez, Natalia A. Hidalgo-Ruzzante, and Ahmed F. Fasfous

    Chapter 13 - Methodologies for Text Translation and Cultural Equivalence

    Bill R. Arnold and Jennifer L. Smith

    Domain III: Assessing and Treating Four Major Culturally Diverse Groups in Clinical Settings

    Chapter 14 - Mental Health Assessment and Treatment of African Americans in Cultural Context

    Linda James Myers and Michelle Anderson

    Chapter 15 - Assessing and Treating American Indian and Alaska Native People

    Denise Anne Dillard and Spero M. Manson

    Chapter 16 - Assessing and Treating Asian Americans: Recent Advances in Mental Health Research

    Sumie Okazaki and Ariane Ling

    Chapter 17 - Assessing and Treating Latinos: Overview of Mental Health Research

    Andrea J. Romero, Lisa M. Edwards, and Shannon Corkery

    Domain IV: Assessing and Treating Other Culturally Diverse Groups in Clinical Settings

    Chapter 18 - The Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Mental Disorders Among American Jews

    Lewis Z. Schlosser, Rachel Shapiro Safran, Rachel Adisy Suson, Krista Dettle, and J. Jane H. Dewe

    Chapter 19 - The Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Mental Disorders Among Muslims

    Farah A. Ibrahim and Jianna R. Heuer

    Chapter 20 - Military Culture and Multicultural Diversity among Military Service Members: Implications for Mental Health Providers

    Ann-Marie Yamada, Hazel R Atuel and Eugenia L. Weiss

    Chapter 21 - The Mental Health of Culturally Diverse Older Adults: Research and Clinical Issues

    Sandra A. Black

    Chapter 22 - Improving Treatment Engagement and Psychotherapy Outcomes for Culturally Diverse Youth and Families

    Stanley J. Huey, Jr. and Eduardo Jones

    Domain V: Specific Conditions/Presenting Problems in a Cultural Context

    Chapter 23 - Racial and Ethnic Considerations in the Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    Sylvia Z. Ramirez. Marcos Silva, Rica Ramirez, and Erika Perez

    Chapter 24 - The Therapeutic Needs of Culturally Diverse Individuals with Physical Disabilities

    Martha E. Banks

    Chapter 25 - Suicide among Racial and Ethnic Groups: Implications for Research and Practice

    Frederick T.L. Leong, Mark M. Leach, and Zornitsa Kalibatseva

    Chapter 26 - Therapeutic Treatment Approaches for Ethnically Diverse Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma

    Thema Bryant-Davis, Monica U. Ellis, and Nathan Edwards

    Domain VI: Multicultural Competence in Clinical Settings

    Chapter 27 - Culture and Evidence-Based Prevention Programs

    Richard Lee, AnnaMarie Vu, and Anna Lau

    Chapter 28 - A Review and Critique of Multicultural Competence Measures: Toward a Social Justice Oriented Health Service Delivery Model

    Glenn C. Gamst and Christopher T.H. Liang

    Chapter 29 - Integrating Ethical Considerations in Multicultural Curriculum and Training: Expanding the Classroom to the Community

    Miguel E. Gallardo and Nahal Kaivan

    Chapter 30 - Responding To the Challenge: Preparing Mental Health Professionals for the Changing U.S. Demographics

    George K. Hong, Margaret Garcia, and Marcel Soriano


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