Handbook of Macroeconomics book cover

Handbook of Macroeconomics

Hardbound, 562 Pages

Published: December 1999

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-50157-8


  • Part 4: Consumption and Investment. 11. Consumption (O.P. Attanasio). 12. Aggregate investment (R.J. Caballero). 13. Inventories (V.A. Ramey, K.D. West). Part 5: Models of Economic Fluctuations. 14. Resuscitating real business cycles (R.G. King, S. Rebolo). 15. Staggered price and wage setting in macroeconomics (J.B. Taylor). 16. The cyclical behavior of prices and costs (J.J. Rotemberg, M. Woodford). 17. Labor-market frictions and employment fluctuations (R.E. Hall). 18. Job reallocation, employment fluctuations and unemployment (D.T. Mortensen, C.A. Pissarides).


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