Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention book cover

Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention

The Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention, 5e, is a trusted resource for physical security professionals, students, and candidates for the coveted Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification administered by ASIS International. The U.S. government recently announced that employees will have to obtain CPP certification to advance in their careers.Edited by the security practitioner and author Lawrence Fennelly, this handbook gathers in a single volume the key information on each topic from eminent subject-matter experts. Taken together, this material offers a range of approaches for defining security problems and tools for designing solutions in a world increasingly characterized by complexity and chaos. The 5e adds cutting-edge content and up-to-the-minute practical examples of its application to problems from retail crime to disaster readiness.

Hardbound, 632 Pages

Published: January 2012

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-385246-5


  • "Larry Fennelly continues to provide the content that ensures his book will be on the front of any professional security managers practitioner’s bookshelf.  This edition brings the reader the up to date with the materials and subjects needed to solve current security problems. No security practitioner’s library is complete without this handbook." --Joseph C. Nelson, CPP, Assistant Vice President, State Street Global Security

    "As usual, Larry Fennelly has written a comprehensive, practical guide--one that belongs on the bookshelf of the serious security practitioner. The book is readable, interesting and up to date in all respects." --John J. Fay, CPP, former Director of the National Crime Prevention Institute

    "I have been extremely impressed with the evolution of the content as this book moves into its next generation. It is very comprehensive and well written. The new edition now includes real time academic reference material and makes it usable as a university textbook." --Mark H. Beaudry, CPP


  • Part One: Approaches to Crime Prevention & Loss Prevention

    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Threats Definition
    3. Designing Security and Working with Architects
    4. Designing Crime Risk Management Systems
    5. Approaches to Physical Security
    6. The Security Survey & The Security Audit
    7. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in the Twenty First Century
    8. Environment Crime Control
    9. Community Policing/Problem Solving Policing
    10. Neighborhood Watch Guidelines for the 21 st Century
    11. Situational Crime Prevention and Opportunity Blocking
    12. Design and Evaluation
    13. Planning, Management, and Evaluation
    14. Crime Analysis and Data Collection
    15. Standards, Regulations & Guidelines: Compliance and Your Security Program, including global resources.

    Part Two: Security Operations, Tools, and Technology

    16. Access Control, Access Badges & Biometrics Characteristic
    17. Alarms: Intrusion Detection Systems
    18. CCTV Surveillance
    19. Security Lighting
    20. Information Technology Systems Infrastructure
    21 Information Security
    22. Protective Barriers
    23. Physical Barriers
    24. Fence Standards
    25. The Use of Locks in Physical Crime Prevention
    26. Safes, Vaults and Accessories
    27. Guard Service in the Twenty-First Century
    28. Internal Theft Controls
    29. Bombs and Physical Planning
    30. Paradigms for School Safety & Security
    31. College Campus Security
    32. Domestic Violence
    33. Propriety Information
    34. Identity Theft
    35. Retail Security-Employee Theft
    36. High-Rise Security
    37. Multi-Residential Security
    38. Lodging Hospitality Security
    39. Computer & Transportation Security
    40. The Security Professional, Terrorism, Bio-Terrorism and the Next Level
    41. Contingency Planning
    42. Emergency Preparedness-Planning& Management
    43. Broadband Industry Fraud: A Case Study from a Cable Provider
    44. Cargo Security
    45. Corporate Policy and Procedures


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