Handbook of Infrared Standards book cover

Handbook of Infrared Standards

With Spectral Maps and Transition Assignments Between 3 and 2600 x gmm

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Atomic, molecular, and spectroscopy researchers and students.


Published: June 1986

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-305360-2


  • The authors are scrupulous in their error analysis. All values (where known) have uncertainties attached. The experimental methodology has been referenced where appropriate, and copious and careful citiations are given.... The spectral and tabular information is first rate. The layout is easy to read and lines are easy to locate. For the workers to whom this precision and accuracy is a must, this text is a must.

    he authors have succeeded in systematizing the multifarious IR-spectroscopic standards for wavenumber calibration. The handbook belongs on the bbokshelves of every library and laboratory concerned with high-resolution spectroscopy.


  • Introduction. Pictorial Summary of Spectral Maps and Wavenumber Tables. Spectral Maps, Wavenumber Tables and Transition Assignments. CO (492-535); OCS (250-283); CO2 (90-119, 536-571); N2O (50-89, 284-365, 572-805); H2O (2-49, 366-491); 14NH3 (120-175); 15NH3 (176-249); C2H4 (806-851).


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