Handbook of Industrial Organization

Edited By

  • Richard Schmalensee
  • Robert Willig

This handbook serves as a source, reference, and teaching supplement for industrial organization (or industrial economics), the broad field within microeconomics that focuses on business behavior and its implications both for market structures and processes, and for public policies towards them. Comprehensive and up-to-date surveys are provided of recent developments and the state of knowledge in the major areas of research in this field as of the latter part of the 1980's, written at a level suitable for use by non-specialist economists and students on advanced graduate courses. Each chapter can be read independently, although they are organized into sections.

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Book information

  • Published: September 1989
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-70434-4


.... a formidable opus which will, for the time to come, be a major source of reference for students, teachers, and researchers in industrial organization.
Journal of Economics

..."Presents an up-to-date and comprehensive survey of recent developments and research in the field of industrial organization."
Journal of Economic Literature
..... "All chapters of this first volume meet the high technical and didactical standard that distinguishes the Handbooks in Economics series.
"... all texts are readily accessible for non-specialist, even for those with little mathematical background. ...a standard reference for graduate courses in Industrial Organization as well as in related fields in Business Schools, notably in marketing, organization, and finance."

..."The Handbook reflects the new industrial economics rather than the old structure-conduct-performance view. As such it features good theory and will be an invaluable source book for anyone who wants to find out the 'state of the art' in industrial organisation."
..."In the space of 1555 pages the student of industrial organisation will find just about everything that matters. ..."
"...the issues to which the various authors draw our attention continue to be the leading ones in Industrial Organisation."

The Economic Journal
..."... written at a level suitable for use by non-specialist economists and students in advanced graduate courses. Each chapter can be read independently, though they are organized into sections."
Revista Internazionale di Economia dei Transporti
..."Each chapter is written by a major player in the field, which assures that the reader is getting an expert's eyeview."
Brookings Papers: Microeconomics
..."... the Handbook is a most laudable achievement which must be welcomed by all those economists interested in Industrial Organization."
Journal of Economics
"Editors Richard Schmalensee and Robert Willig have assembled an impressive collection of essays evaluating most of the new directions of industrial economics."
Journal of Institutional & Theoretical Economics
"These two Handbooks constitute a valuable introduction and summary of most of the new debate and many of the new results."
..."There is no doubt that these Handbooks are essential sources for academics working in the general area of industrial organization and microeconomic theory. ..."

Economics of Planning
..."... crammed with generally well written surveys of what is new and interesting in industrial organization."
International Journal of Industrial Planning
..."This Handbook does a good job of bringing this research together into an accessible and comprehensive set of surveys of the important areas.
..."... the Handbook of Industrial Organization is an impressive and valuable compilation of work. The nature of modern IO, reflected in the breadth of coverage and quality of these two volumes, suggests that it will be widely used."

The Economic Record

Table of Contents

Determinants of Firm and Market Organization. Technological determinants of firm and industry structure (J.C. Panzar). The theory of the firm (B.R. Holmstrom, J. Tirole). Transaction cost economics (O.E. Williamson). Vertical integration: Determinants and effects (M.K. Perry). Analysis of Market Behavior. Noncooperative game theory for industrial organization: An introduction and overview (D. Fudenberg, J. Tirole). Theories of oligopoly behavior (C. Shapiro). Cartels, collusion, and horizontal merger (A. Jacquemin, M.E. Slade). Mobility barriers and the value of incumbency (R.J. Gilbert). Predation, monopolization, and antitrust (J.A. Ordover, G. Saloner). Price discrimination (H.R. Varian). Vertical contractual relations (M.L. Katz). Product differentiation (B.C. Eaton, R.G. Lipsey). Imperfect information in the product market (J. Stiglitz). The timing of innovation: Research, development, and diffusion (J.F. Reinganum). The theory and the facts of how markets clear: Is industrial organization valuable for understanding macroeconomics? (D.W. Carlton).