Handbook of Industrial Membranes


  • K. Scott

This manual contains necessary and useful information and data in an easily accessible format relating to the use of membranes. Membranes are among the most important engineering components in use today, and each year more and more effective uses for membrane technologies are found - for example: water purification, industrial effluent treatment, solvent dehydration by per-vaporation, recovery of volatile organic compounds, protein recovery, bioseparations and many others.

The pace of change in the membrane industry has been accelerating rapidly in recent years, occasioned in part by the demand of end-users, but also as a result of the investment in R&D by manufacturers. To reflect these changes the author has obtained the latest information from some of the leading suppliers in the business. In one complete volume this unique handbook gives practical guidance to using selected membrane processes in individual industries while also providing a useful guide to equipment selection and usage.

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For engineers, designers, managers, sales and marketing professionals and anyone using membranes in the course of their work.


Book information

  • Published: December 1995
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-233-2

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction to Membrane Separations.
Contamination, Particle Size and Separation.
Membrane Separation Processes.
Polarisation and Fouling.
Module Designs.
Membrane Process Equipment.
Electrodialysis Cell Stacks and Design.
Laboratory Equipment.

Section 2 - Membrane Materials, Preparation and Characterisation.
Characterisation of Membranes.
Electrodialysis and Ion Exchange Membranes.

Section 3 - Gas Separations.

Section 4 - Air and Gas Filtration and Cleaning.

Section 5 - Separation of Liquid Mixtures/Pervaporation.

Section 6 - Separation of Organic Vapour/Air Mixtures.

Section 7 - Microfiltration.

Section 8 - Analytical Application of Membranes.

Section 9 - Water Desalination.

Section 10 - Water Purification.
Laboratory Water Purification.

Section 11 - Industrial Waste Water and Effluent Treatment.
Pulp, Paper and Textile Industries.

Section 12 - Absorption, Desorption and Extraction with Membranes.

Section 13 - Waste Water Treatment and Liquid Membranes.

Section 14 - Biotechnology and Medical Applications.

Section 15 - Medical Applications.

Section 16 - Recovery of Salts, Acids and Bases.

Section 17 - Food Industry.

Section 18 - Membranes for Electrochemical Cells.

Section 19 - Electrokinetic Separations.

Section 20 - Appendix.

Section 21 - Indices.