Handbook of Industrial Hydrocarbon Processes


  • James G. Speight, Editor, Petroleum Science and Technology (formerly Fuel Science and Technology International) and Energy Sources; Adjunct Professor, Chemical and Fuels Engineering, University of Utah

Written by an author with over 38 years of experience in the chemical and petrochemical process industry, this handbook will present an analysis of the process steps used to produce industrial hydrocarbons from various raw materials. It is the first book to offer a thorough analysis of external factors effecting production such as: cost, availability and environmental legislation. An A-Z list of raw materials and their properties are presented along with a commentary regarding their cost and availability. Specific processing operations described in the book include: distillation, thermal cracking and coking, catalytic methods, hydroprocesses, thermal and catalytic reforming, isomerization, alkylation processes, polymerization processes, solvent processes, water removal, fractionation and acid gas removal.
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Petroleum Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical plant and system operators, Gas plant operators


Book information

  • Published: November 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8632-7


"This book comes from an author with plenty of experience and a good track record of producing interesting and informative reference works. There is currently a lot of hiring into the oil industry and that means there is a market for entry-level texts that can be used to train all these new people."--Gavin Towler, Adjunct Professor Northwestern University and Senior Manager, Process Design, Modelling and Equipment, UOP LLC

Table of Contents

1. Chemistry and Chemical Technology2. Raw Materials for Hydrocarbon Manufacture3. Production of Hydrocarbons by Petroleum Refining4. Production of Hydrocarbons by Gas Processing5. Products of Gas Processing and Petroleum Refining6. Physical and Chemical Properties of Hydrocarbons7. Thermal Decomposition of Hydrocarbons8. Hydrocarbon Combustion9. Petrochemicals10. Manufacture of Monomers, Polymers, and Plastics11. Pharmaceuticals12. Environmental Effects of Hydrocarbons