Handbook of Herbs and Spices book cover

Handbook of Herbs and Spices

Together with its companion volume, Handbook of herbs and spices: Volume 2 provides a comprehensive and authoritative coverage of key herbs and spices. Chapters on individual plants cover such issues as description and classification, production, chemical structure and properties, potential health benefits, uses in food processing and quality issues.

Hardbound, 376 Pages

Published: March 2004

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-721-1


  • Superb reading. …chapters are eye-openers and certainly give this subject a brand new image of importance as well as future applications in areas that have been previously neglected or ignored., Food and Beverage Reporter
    This book from Woodhead Publishing, like its companion, is a standard reference for manufacturers who uses herbs and spices in their products, with chapters also detailing the functional and antimicrobial role of herbal spices., Food Review


  • Part 1 General issues: The functional role of herbal spices; Herbs and spices and antimicrobials; Screening for health effects of herbs; Under-utilised herbs and spices. Part 2 Particular herbs and spices: Ajowan; Allspice; Chervil; Coriander; Geranium; Lavender; Mustard; Nigella; Oregano; Parsley; Rosemary; Sesame; Star anise; Thyme; Vanilla.


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