Handbook of Green Information and Communication Systems

Edited by

  • Mohammad Obaidat, Monmouth University, USA
  • Alagan Anpalagan, Ryerson University, Canada
  • Isaac Woungang, Ryerson University, Canada

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the fundamental concepts, applications, algorithms, protocols, new trends and challenges, and research results in the area of Green Information and Communications Systems. It is an invaluable resource giving knowledge on the core and specialized issues in the field, making it highly suitable for both the new and experienced researcher in this area.

Key Features:

    • Core research topics of green information and communication systems are covered from a network design perspective, giving both theoretical and practical perspectives
      • Provides a unified covering of otherwise disperse selected topics on green computing, information, communication and networking
        • Includes a set of downloadable PowerPoint slides and glossary of terms for each chapter
          • A ‘whose-who’ of international contributors
            • Extensive bibliography for enhancing further knowledge

              Coverage includes:

              • Smart grid technologies and communications
              • Spectrum management
              • Cognitive and autonomous radio systems
              • Computing and communication architectures
              • Data centres
              • Distributed networking
              • Cloud computing
              • Next generation wireless communication systems
              • 4G access networking
              • Optical core networks
              • Cooperation transmission
              • Security and privacy

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              Practitioners and researchers working in the areas of green communications, green computing, green networking, and green innovative applications. University graduates and senior undergraduates.


              Book information

              • Published: November 2012
              • Imprint: ACADEMIC PRESS
              • ISBN: 978-0-12-415844-3

              Table of Contents

              Cognitive Strategies for Green Two-Tier Cellular Networks: A Critical Overview; A Survey of Contemporary Technologies for Smart Home Energy Management; Embedded Computing in the Emerging Smart Grid; IEEE 802.15.4 Based Wireless Sensor Network Design for Smart Grid Communications; Smart Grid Communications Networks: Wireless Technologies, Protocols, Issues and Standards; Intercell Interference Coordination: Towards A Greener Cellular Network; Energy-efficient Radio Resource Management for Green Radio Systems; Green computing and Communication Architecture; Green Computing Platforms for Biomedical Systems; Green Datacenter Infrastructures in the Cloud Computing Era; Energy Efficient Cloud Computing : A Green Migration of the Traditional IT; Green Data Centers; Energy-Efficient Sensor Networks; Energy Efficient Next Generation Wireless Communications; Energy Efficient MIMO-OFDM Systems; Constrained Green Base Station Deployment with Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks; Green Broadband Access Networks; Overview of Energy Saving Techniques for Mobile and Wireless Access Networks; Towards Energy-Oriented Telecommunication Networks; Energy-Efficient Peer-to-Peer Networking and Overlays; Power Management for 4G Broadband Wireless Access Networks; Green Optical Core Networks; Analysis and Development of Green-Aware Security Mechanisms for Modern Internet Applications; Using Ant Colony Agents for Designing Energy-Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks; Smart Grid Communications: Opportunities and Challenges; A Survey on Smart Grid Communications: From an Architecture Overview to Standardization Activities; Towards Energy Efficiency in Next Generation Green Mobile Networks: a Queueing Theory Perspective