Handbook of Giant Magnetostrictive Materials

Series Editor:

  • Isaak Mayergoyz, University of Maryland, ECE Department, College Park, USA

Edited by

  • Göran Engdahl, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Handbook of Giant Magnetostrictive Materials contains the knowledge that a mechanical or an electrical engineer needs when considering the use of magnetostrictive materials in a construction project. The book covers the physical origin of giant magnetostriction, its manufacturing and metallurgy, and grain related processes under operation. Comprehensive descriptions of useful models of design methods and tools are given, including the performance of devices and systems comprised of magnetostrictive materials, considering the electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal effects. The book covers all major characterization methods of giant magnetostrictive bulk materials, actuators, and systems. A structured inventory of current and emerging applications of giant magnetostrictive materials is given, covering areas such as sound and vibration sources, vibration control, motional control, material processing, and electromechanical converters. The final chapter offers an up-to-date review of the emerging giant magnetostrictive thin film technologies. The book also contains a market inventory with valuable contact information.
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Materials scientists, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers.


Book information

  • Published: October 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-238640-4


rall, this book is an excellent resource for those who work with magnetorestriction in materials and applications."

Table of Contents

Physics of Giant Magnetostriction. Modelling of Giant Magnetostrictive Materials. Magnetostrictive Design. Magnetostrictive Material and Actuator Characterization. Device Application Examples. Giant Magnetostrictive Thin Film Technologies.