Handbook of Ferroalloys

Theory and Technology

Edited by

  • Michael Gasik, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Aalto University, Aalto, Finland

This handbook gathers, reviews and concisely presents the core principles and varied technology involved in processing ferroalloys. Background content in thermodynamics, kinetics, heat and mass transfer is accompanied by an overview of electrical furnaces theory and practice as well as sustainability issues. The work includes detailed coverage of the major technologies of ferrosilicon, ferronickel, ferromolybdenum, ferrotungsten, ferrovanadium, ferromanganese and lesser known minor ferroalloys.

Distilling the results of many years' experience in ferroalloys, Michael Gasik has assembled contributions from the worlds' foremost experts. The work is therefore a unique source for scientists, engineers and university students, exploring in depth an area which is one of the most versatile and increasingly used fields within modern metallurgy.

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Graduate metallurgists and related areas of study. Metallurgist, materials engineer, industrial chemist, process engineer, mechanical engineer, thermal engineer


Book information

  • Published: May 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-097753-9

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Section I - General
2. Basics of ferroalloys and production 
3. Theory of FA processing
4. FA processing equipment
5. Environmental issues of FA processing
Section II - Major ferroalloys
6. Ferrosilicon and silicon technology
7. Manganese ferroalloys technology
8. Chromium alloys technology
9. High-carbon FeCr production technology
SECTION III - Minor ferroalloys and master alloys
10. Ferronickel technology
11. Ferrotungsten
12. Ferromolybdenum
13. Ferrovanadium
14. Ferroniobium
15. Ferrotitanium and FeSiTi
16. Ferrosilicozirconium
17. Ferroboron
18. Ferroalloys with REM (La, Ce, Y, Nd, …)
19. Ferroalloys with earth-alkali metals (Mg, Ca, Ba, Sr)
20. Complex master ferroalloys
General references