Handbook of Emergency Psychiatry


  • Hani Khouzam
  • Doris Tan
  • Tirath Gill

This user-friendly resource presents a patient-centered approach to managing the growing incidence of major psychiatric emergencies in the outpatient setting. Abundant illustrations, tables, and algorithms guide you through the wide range of disorders discussed, and a color-coded outline format facilitates rapid access to essential information necessary for making a proper diagnosis for optimal management outcomes.
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Book information

  • Published: March 2007
  • Imprint: MOSBY
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-04088-4

Table of Contents

1. The Suicidal Patient

2. The Severely Depressed Patient

3. The Violent Patient

4. The Acutely Anxious Patient

5. Mania

6. The Delirious Patient

7. Psychiatric Assessment

8. Geriatric Emergencies

9. Psychiatric Emergencies Related to Medical Illnesses

10. Childhood and Adolescent Emergencies

11. Psychiatric Aspects of Seizure Disorders

12. Schizophrenia and the Acutely Psychotic Patient

13. Personality Disorders and Psychiatric Emergencies

14. Victims of Abuse

15. Disasters and Extreme Traumas

16. Crisis Intervention and Debriefing

17. Drug and Alcohol Emergencies

18. Emergent Medications and Psychopharmacological Adverse Effects

19. Factitious Disorders/ Malingering / Drug-Seeking Behaviors

20. Medicolegal Aspects of Emergency Psychiatry

21. Spirituality