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Handbook of Economic Growth

The Handbooks in Economics series continues to provide the various branches of economics with handbooks which are definitive reference sources, suitable for use by professional researchers, advanced graduate students, or by those seeking a teaching supplement.

The Handbook of Economic Growth, edited by Philippe Aghion and Steven Durlauf, with an introduction by Robert Solow, features in-depth, authoritative survey articles by the leading economists working on growth theory.

Volume 1a, the first in this two volume set, covers theories of economic growth, the empirics of economic growth, and growth policies and mechanisms.

Volume 1b, the second in this two volume set, covers technology, trade and geography, and growth and socio-economic development.


Hardbound, 838 Pages

Published: December 2005

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-52043-2


  • Part 4: Technology.
    16. Growth and ideas (C.I. Jones).
    17. Long-term economic growth and the history of technology (J. Mokyr).
    18. General purpose technologies (B. Jovanovic, P. L. Rousseau).
    19. Technological progress and economic transformation (J. Greenwood,A. Seshadri).
    20. Wage inequality and technology (A. Hornstein, P. Krusell, G. Violante).
    21. A unified theory of the evolution of international income levels (S. Parente, E. Prescott).
    Part 5: Trade and geography.
    22. A global view of economic growth (J. Ventura).
    23. Trade, growth and the size of nations (A. Alesina, E. Spolaore, R. Wacziag).
    24. Urbanization and growth (J.V. Henderson).
    Part 6: Growth and the socioeconomic environment.
    25. Inequality, technology, and the social contract (R. Benabou).
    26. Social capital (S. Durlauf, M. Fafchamps).
    27. The effect of economic growth on social structures (F. Bourguignon).
    28. Economic growth and the environment (W. Brock, M.S. Taylor).


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