Handbook of Differential Equations:Stationary Partial Differential Equations book cover

Handbook of Differential Equations:Stationary Partial Differential Equations

The book could be a good companion for any graduate student in partial differential equations or in applied mathematics. Each chapter brings indeed new ideas and new techniques which can be used in these fields. The differents chapters can be read independently and are of great pedagogical value. The advanced researcher will find along the book the most recent achievements in various fields.

Graduate Students and academics.

Hardbound, 736 Pages

Published: July 2004

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-51126-3


  • Preface
    List of Contributors
    1. Solutions of Quasilinear Second-Order Elliptic Boundary Value Problems via Degree Theory (C. Bandle and W. Reichel)
    2. Stationary Navier-Stokes Problem in a Two-Dimensional Exterior Domain (G.P. Galdi)
    3. Qualitative Properties of Solutions to Elliptic Problems (W-M. Ni)
    4. On Some Basic Aspects of the Relationship between the Calculus of Variations and Differential Equations (P. Pedregal)
    5. On a Class of Singular Perturbation Problems (I. Shafrir)
    6. Nonlinear Spectral Problems for Degenerate Elliptic Operators (P. Takàc)
    7. Analytical Aspects of Liouville-Type Equations with Singular Sources (G. Tarantello)
    8. Elliptic Equations Involving Measures (L. Véron)
    Author Index
    Subject Index


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