Handbook of Computer Crime Investigation

Forensic Tools and Technology

Edited by

  • Eoghan Casey, BS, MA, Eoghan Casey, cmdLabs, Baltimore, MD, USA

Following on the success of his introductory text, Digital Evidence and Computer Crime, Eoghan Casey brings together a few top experts to create the first detailed guide for professionals who are already familiar with digital evidence. The Handbook of Computer Crime Investigation helps readers master the forensic analysis of computer systems with a three-part approach covering tools, technology, and case studies.The Tools section provides the details on leading software programs, with each chapter written by that product's creator. The section ends with an objective comparison of the strengths and limitations of each tool.The main Technology section provides the technical "how to" information for collecting and analyzing digital evidence in common situations, starting with computers, moving on to networks, and culminating with embedded systems. The Case Examples section gives readers a sense of the technical, legal, and practical challenges that arise in real computer investigations.
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Law enforcement personnel and computer professionals who specialize in digital evidence collection and analysis. Also: forensic scientists, lawyers and network security professionals.


Book information

  • Published: October 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-163103-1


The audience for this book is obviously the legal and law enforcement communities, so any library serving them would find this an excellent introduction. Any law firm looking to get into the field would do well to start here. - E-Streams Academic law, business or computer science collections will, however, find this book a useful introduction to an increasingly important field - even large public libraries will find an eager audience in an uncertain world. - E-Streams

Table of Contents

About the AuthorsAcknowledgements1. Introduction2. The Other Side of Civil DiscoveryTOOLS3. The EnCase Process4. Incident Response Tools5. NFR Security6. Tool Testing and Analytical MethodologyTECHNOLOGY7. Windows Analysis8. Unix Analysis9. Network Analysis10. Wireless Network Analysis11. Embedded Systems AnalysisCASE EXAMPLES12. Homicide and Child Pornography13. Internet Gambling14. Computer IntrusionsAuthor IndexSubject Index