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Handbook of Clay Science

The first edition of the Handbook of Clay Science published in 2006 assembled the scattered literature on the varied and diverse aspects that make up the discipline of clay science. The topics covered range from the fundamental structures (including textures) and properties of clays and clay minerals, through their environmental, health and industrial applications, to their analysis and characterization by modern instrumental techniques. Also included are the clay-microbe interaction, layered double hydroxides, zeolites, cement hydrates, and genesis of clay minerals as well as the history and teaching of clay science. The 2e adds new information from the intervening 6 years and adds some important subjects to make this the most comprehensive and wide-ranging coverage of clay science in one source in the English language.

Research scientists, university teachers, industrial chemists, environmental engineers and graduate students in clay science

Hardbound, 1752 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-099364-5


  • Part A Fundamentals

    Ch. 1. General Introduction: Clays, Clay Minerals, and Clay Science
    Ch. 2. Structures and Mineralogy of Clay Minerals
    Ch. 3. Genesis of Clay Minerals
    Ch. 4. Radiation Effects on Clay Minerals
    Ch. 5. Surface and Interface Chemistry of Clay Minerals
    Ch. 6. Thermodynamics of Clay Minerals
    Ch. 7. Pure Clay Minerals
    Ch. 8. Colloid Clay Science
    Ch. 9. Mechanical Properties of Clays and Clay Minerals
    Ch. 10 Modified Clays and Clay Minerals
    Ch. 11. Properties and Behavior of Iron in Clay Minerals
    Ch. 12. Clays, Microorganisms, and Biomineralization
    Ch. 13. Clay Mineral-Polymer Nanocomposites
    Ch. 14. Some Other Materials Related to Clay Minerals
    Ch. 15. Clay Science: A Young Discipline & a Great Perspective

    Part B. Techniques and Applications

    Ch. 1. General Introduction: Clays, Clay Minerals, and Clay Science
    Ch. 2. Critical Assessment of Some Analytical Techniques
    Ch. 3. Molecular Simulation of Clay Minerals
    Ch. 4. Clays and Clay Minerals in Industry
    Ch. 5. Clays, Environment and Health
    Ch. 6. LDH in Physical, Chemical, Biochemical and Life Sciences


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