Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences book cover

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences

The Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences, 7e, summarizes the research literature on the social aspects of aging. The 7e will have 88% new material and authors with 25 chapters: 22 of the chapters will be on completely new topics. Separated into four sections, the fully revised handbook will cover theory and methods, aging and social structure, social factors and social institutions, and aging and society.

Researchers and students in gerontology

Paperback, 388 Pages

Published: November 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-380880-6


  • Part One: Theory and Methods

    Chapter 1: Theories of Aging and the Life Course - Dale Dannefer

    Chapter 2: Aging, Cohorts, and Methods - Yang Yang

    Part Two: Aging and Social Structure

    Chapter 3: Demography and Aging - Linda G. Martin

    Chapter 4: Health Trends and Future Projections - S. Jay Olshansky Chapter 5: Disability and Aging - Vicki Freedman

    Chapter 6: Global Aging - Elizabeth Frankenberg and Duncan Thomas

    Chapter 7: Race, Ethnicity, and Aging - James Jackson, Ishtar O. Govia & Sherrill Sellers

    Chapter 8: Social Stratification and the Life Course - Scott Lynch

    Part Three: Social Factors and Social Institutions

    Chapter 9: Health Disparities and Aging - Stephanie Robert & Pamela Herd & James House

    Chapter 10: Social Factors in Genetics and Aging - Michael Shanahan and Scott Hofer

    Chapter 11: Aging, Social Factors, and Mental Health - Linda George

    Chapter 12: Aging and Inheritance: Social Factors - Jacqueline Angel

    Chapter 13: Economic Status of the Aged - Virginia Reno

    Chapter 14: Employment and Aging - Sara Rix

    Chapter 15: Residential Environments of Older People - Stephen Golant

    Chapter 16: Civic Engagement - Stephen CutlerJon Hendricks and Greg O’Neill

    Chapter 17: Death and Dying - Deborah Gold

    Part Four: Aging and Society

    Chapter 18: The Politics of Pension Reform in Europe - Martin Kohli and Camila Arza

    Chapter 19: Politics and Aging in the United States - Robert Binstock and Andrea Campbell

    Chapter 20: The Future of Retirement Security - John Williamson

    Chapter 21: Organization and Financing of Health Care - Marilyn Moon

    Chapter 22: Cross-National Perspectives on Long-Term Care - Joshua Wiener

    Chapter 23: Gender, Aging, and Social Policy - Madonna Harrington Meyer and Wendy Parker

    Chapter 24: Aging and Social Intervention - Lisa Berkman

    Chapter 25: Fiscal Implications of Population Aging - John Gist


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