Handbook of Advanced Ceramics

Materials, Applications, Processing and Properties

Edited by

  • Shigeyuki Somiya, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Fritz Aldinger, Max Planck Institute fur Metallforshung, Germany
  • Richard Spriggs, Alfred University, USA
  • Kenji Uchino, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Kunihito Koumoto, Nagoya University, Japan
  • Masayuki Kaneno, Japan Ceramics Association, Japan


  • Shigeyuki Somiya

A two-volume reference set for all ceramicists, both in research and working in industry

The only definitive reference covering the entire field of advanced ceramics from fundamental science and processing to application

Contributions from over 50 leading researchers from around the worldThis new Handbook will be an essential resource for ceramicists. It includes contributions from leading researchers around the world, and includes sections on: Basic Science of Advanced Ceramic, Functional Ceramics (electro-ceramics and optoelectro-ceramics) and engineering ceramics.

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Ceramicists, Materials Scientists


Book information

  • Published: September 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-654640-8

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Basic Science of Advanced Ceramics; Raw Materials; Forming and Drying; Sintering; Synthesis of Single Crystals; Machining; Joining and Coating; Fracture Mechanics; Testing and Evaluation.Volume 2: Insulating Ceramics; Semiconductive Ceramics; Ionic Conductor; Piezoelectric Ceramics; Dielectric Ceramics; Magnetic Ceramics; Optoelectroceramics; Superconductive Ceramics; Engineering Ceramics; High Temperature High Strength Ceramics; Porous Ceramics for Filtration; High Hardness Wear Resistant Ceramics; Ceramic Materials for Energy Storage, Li-ion Batteries; Extruded Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramics for Environmental Application; Ceramics for Biomedical Applications; Ceramic Matrix Composites; Functionally Graded Materials; Intelligent Ceramics.