Habitat Selection in Birds book cover

Habitat Selection in Birds

The present book is divided into several parts. An introductory chapter serves to make the reader aware of the diversity of the subject of habitat selection in birds. Many if the various aspects of habitat selection introduced in the first chapter are developed in subsequent chapters, and thus it serves to some extent as an overview of the subject and as a "lead-in" to subsequent work.

Ecologists with behavioral and evolutionary bents as well as those in the field facing real-life situations that demand description and interpretation. Researchers who study organisms other than birds.

Paperback, 558 Pages

Published: July 1987

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-178081-4


  • Introduction.Habitat Selection in Specific Bird Taxa.Habitat Selection in Specific Habitat Types.A Variety of Approaches to Habitat Selection in Birds.


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