Guide to Research Techniques in Neuroscience book cover

Guide to Research Techniques in Neuroscience

Neuroscience is by definition a multidisciplinary field: some scientists study genes and proteins at the molecular level while others study neural circuitry. A single topic such as the auditory system can be studied using techniques from genetics, imaging, biochemistry, or electrophysiology. A young scientist must learn how to read the primary literature and then develop their own experiments. This book offers that scientist an overview of mainstream research techniques, provides guidelines on how to choose one technique over another, offers tips on analyzing data, and provides a list of references for additional detailed study. This book can also assist an experienced scientist understand published studies conducted outside their own subfield.

graduate students in neuroscience, post-doctoral students, fellows, scientists who are new to neuroscience (who come from mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science)

Paperback, 408 Pages

Published: September 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374849-2


  • Foreword: Professor William Newsome, Stanford UniversityWhole Brain ImagingStereotaxic Surgeries and PharmacologyBehavioral AssaysElectrophysiologyMicroscopyHistologyVisualizing Neural ActivityIdentifying Genes and Proteins of InterestMolecular Cloning and Recombinant DNA TechnologyManipulating Genes and GenomesCell Culture and Gene Delivery StrategiesIntracellular SignalingIndex


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