Guide to Protein Purification

Edited by

  • Richard Burgess
  • Murray Deutscher, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, Connecticut, U.S.A.

The 2eof this classic Guide to Protein Purification provides a complete update to existing methods in the field, reflecting the enormous advances made in the last two decades. In particular, proteomics, mass spectrometry, and DNA technology have revolutionized the field since the first edition’s publication but through all of the advancements, the purification of proteins is still an indispensable first step in understanding their function. This volume examines the most reliable, robust methods for researchers in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, genetics, pharmacology, biotechnology and sets a standard for best practices in the field. It relates how these traditional and new cutting-edge methods connect to the explosive advancements in the field. This "Guide to" gives imminently practical advice in order to avoid costly mistakes in choosing a method and brings in perspective from the premier researchers while it presents a comprehensive overview of the field today.
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Researchers, professors, and students of biochemistry, pharmacology, genetics, molecular biology and cell biology


Book information

  • Published: November 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374978-9

Table of Contents

  1. Why Purify Enzymes?
  2. Strategies and Considerations for Protein Purifications (Linn)
  3. Bioinformatics in Planning a Protein Purification (Burgess)
  4. Preparing a Protein Purification Summary Table (Burgess)
  5. Setting up a Laboratory (Deutscher)
  6. Buffers: Principle and Practice (Blanchard)
  7. Measurement of Enzyme Activity (Harris)
  8. Quantitation of Protein (Bailey and Noble)
  9. Maintaining Protein Stability (Deutscher)
  10. Strategy for Choosing and Expression System (Brondyk)
  11. Bacterial Expression Systems (Collart)
  12. Yeast Expression Systems (Cregg)
  13. Baculovirus-Insect Cell Expression Systems (Jarvis)
  14. Mammalian Expression Systems (Geisse and Knopf)
  15. Expression of Tagged Proteins (Melhorta)
  16. Re-folding of Solubilized Inclusion Body Proetin (Burgess)
  17. Preparation of Biological Extract (Grabski)