Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation book cover

Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation

Controls, Standards and Practices

Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation provides a sound foundation for the improvement of the transportation sector responsible for the movement of food. While food safety agencies have been focused on producer, processor, retail, and restaurant food safety, the industry that moves the food has been largely overlooked. Ensuring trucks and containers are properly cleaned and disinfected, proper maintenance of refrigeration temperatures during transport, and avoiding paperwork delays are all areas of concern. Lack of government oversight has resulted in multiple, non-standardized approaches to food safety that are inspection-dependent.

This book focuses specifically on the food movers normally overlooked by today's food safety auditors, compliance schemes, government agencies, quality control personnel, and transportation executives. It outlines delivery control solutions and provides basic standards designed to protect the transportation industry, as well as addressing problems associated with food transportation and practical solutions that are focused on container sanitation and traceability food safety and quality needs.


Those involved in ensuring the safe transport of food commodities, including Supply Chain Management, Food Safety Management and Quality Management Personnel

Hardbound, 288 Pages

Published: January 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-407775-1


  • Background

    Chapter 1 - Introduction to Transporter Container Sanitation, Traceability and Temperature Controls

    Chapter II - Current and Emerging Transportation Food Safety Models

    Chapter III - Introduction to an In-Transit Food Safety Auditing and Standards

    Chapter IV - System Management and Record Keeping

    Chapter V - In-Transit HACCP Planning and Implementation: Concepts and Standards

    Chapter VI - In-Transit Container Sanitation Standards

    Chapter VII - In-Transit Traceability Standards

    Chapter VIII - System Implementation

    Chapter IX - The Future


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