Guerilla Capitalism

The State in the Market in Vietnam


  • Lan Nguyen, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Vietnam

Aimed at globalising companies, institutional investors, business researchers, students and practitioners. Guerilla Capitalism analyses the nature of the business system and behaviour of state owned enterprises in Vietnam. Written by an expert author, the book is based on first hand case studies containing full and frank interviews with local managers on the country’s business culture. It thus provides those seeking to do business in Vietnam with an unparalleled insight into how and why its businesses in general, and state owned enterprises in particular, are structured and managed, a topic about which little has been previously written. The book also presents researchers and students with a comprehensive, societal approach to the study of organisational behaviour, and offers a distinctive interpretation of the common problems of state owned enterprises in transitional economies that goes beyond the traditional economic explanation.
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Globalizing companies, institutional investors, business researchers, students, and practitioners


Book information

  • Published: March 2009
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-550-3


…an inspiring book that can be read from many angles… a must-read for anyone who is either curious or serious about business in Vietnam., Asia Policy

Table of Contents

Analytical background; The theoretical framework; Research methodology; An overview of Vietnamese history and culture; An overview of the Vietnamese economy in transition and the reform of state-owned enterprises; The institutional matrix and typical form of capitalism in Vietnam; Authority relations within Vietnamese SOEs; The industrial governance of SOEs; The management problems of the Vietnamese SOEs; Embedded materialism - The limitation of the incentive structure in Vietnamese SOEs; Policy implications; Summary and conclusions.