Green's function and boundary elements of multifield materials

Green's Function and Boundary Elements of Multifield Materials contains a comprehensive treatment of multifield materials under coupled thermal, magnetic, electric, and mechanical loads. Its easy-to-understand text clarifies some of the most advanced techniques for deriving Green's function and the related boundary element formulation of magnetoelectroelastic materials: Radon transform, potential function approach, Fourier transform. Our hope in preparing this book is to attract interested readers and researchers to a new field that continues to provide fascinating and technologically important challenges. You will benefit from the authors' thorough coverage of general principles for each topic, followed by detailed mathematical derivation and worked examples as well as tables and figures where appropriate.

For postgraduate students, research engineers and scientists, academic staff in the field of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, applied mechanics, materials science, computational mechanics and aerospace engineering. It is also suitable for research students and scientists who are working in the field of chemical engineering, structural engineering, soil mechanics, electrical and biomedical engineering.

Hardbound, 266 Pages

Published: June 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-045134-3


  • Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Green's function for electroelastic problems
    Chapter 3. Green's function for thermoelectroelastic problems
    Chapter 4. Green's function for magnetoelectroelastic problems
    Chapter 5. Boundary element method for piezoelectric materials
    Chapter 6. Boundary element method for thermopiezoelectric materials
    Chapter 7. Trefftz boundary element method


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