Granitic Systems

Ilmari Haapala Volume

Edited by

  • O.T. Ramo, Department of Geology, University of Helsinki, Finland

This special volume stems from a symposium 'Granitic Systems - State of the Art and Future Avenues' that was held at the Department of Geology, University of Helsinki to mark the retirement of Professor Ilmari Haapala. The twenty articles in the volume cover a wide range of granite-related topics and focus on three general themes: tectonics and source regions, petrologic processes, and fractionated granites and pegmatites. Both original papers and reviews are included, and the volume will be acknowledged by anyone with a background in Earth Sciences ad a flavor for granitoid rocks.
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Geochemists, mineralogists


Book information

  • Published: March 2005
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-51882-8

Table of Contents

Editorial (O. Tapani Rämö)Tectonics and Source Regions. Comparison of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic rift-related basaltic-granitic magmatism (I. Haapala, O. Tapani Rämö, S. Frindt). TTGs and adakites: are they both slab melts? (K.C. Condie). Ilmenite, magnetite, and peraluminous Mesoproterozoic anorogenic granites of Laurentia and Baltica (J. Lawford Anderson, J. Morrison). Source regions of granites and their links to tectonic environment: examples from the western United States (E.Y. Anthony).Source contributions to Devonian granite magmatism near the Laurentian border, New Hampshire and Western Maine, USA (P.B. Tomascak et al.). Petrogenesis of the Paleoproterozoic rapakivi A-type granites of the Archean Carajás metallogenic province, Brazil (R. Dall'Agnol). The granite-upper mantle connection in terrestrial planetary bodies: an anomaly to the current granite paradigm? (B. Bonin, J. Bébien). Continental rift systems and anorogenic magmatism (J.W. Sears, G.M. St. George, J.C. Winne). Petrologic Processes. Mafic magmatic enclaves and mafic rocks associated with some granitoids of the central Sierra Nevada batholith, California: nature, origin, and relations with the hosts (B. Barbarin). Pervasive assimilation of carbonate and silicate rocks in the Hortavær igneous complex, north-central Norway (C.G. Barnes et al.). Quartz and feldspar zoning in the eastern Erzgebirge volcano-plutonic complex (Germany, Czech Republic): evidence of multiple magma mixing (A. Müller et al.). Prolonged postcollisional shoshonitic magmatism in the southern Svecofennian domain - a case study of the Åva granite-lamprophyre ring complex (O. Eklund, A. Shebanov). Origin of chemically distinct granites in a composite intrusion in east-central Sweden: geochemical and geothermal constraints (A. Lindh). The effect of water on accessory phase solubility in subaluminous and peralkaline granitic melts (R.L. Linnen). Fractionated Granites and Pegmatites. Granitic pegmatites: an assessment of current concepts and directions for the future (D. London).The Greer Lake leucogranite, Manitoba, and the origin of lepidolite-subtype granitic pegmatites (P. Cerný et al.).Textural and chemical evolution of a fractionated granitic system: the Podlesí stock, Czech Republic (K. Breiter et al.). Petrological and geochemical evolution of the Kymi stock, a topaz granite cupola within the Wiborg rapakivi batholith, Finland (I. Haapala, S. Lukkari). Sn-polymetallic greisen-type deposits associated with late-stage rapakivi granites, Brazil: fluid inclusion and stable isotope characteristics (J.S. Bettencourt et al.).Solubility of cassiterite in evolved granitic melts: effect of T, fO2, and additional volatiles (P. Bhalla et al.). Author index.