Google Talking


  • Joshua Brashars, External Threat Assessment Team, Secure Science Corporation, San Diego, CA
  • Johnny Long, A Christian by grace, a professional hacker by trade, a pirate by blood, a ninja in training, a security researcher and author who lurks at his website ( and is the founder of Hackers For Charity(, an organization that provides hackers with job experience while leveraging their skills for charities that need them

Nationwide and around the world, instant messaging use is growing, with more than 7 billion instant messages being sent every day worldwide, according to IDC. comScore Media Metrix reports that there are 250 million people across the globe--and nearly 80 million Americans--who regularly use instant messaging as a quick and convenient communications tool. Google Talking takes communication to the next level, combining the awesome power of Text and Voice! This book teaches readers how to blow the lid off of Instant Messaging and Phone calls over the Internet.This book will cover the program “Google Talk” in its entirety. From detailed information about each of its features, to a deep-down analysis of how it works. Also, we will cover real techniques from the computer programmers and hackers to bend and tweak the program to do exciting and unexpected things.
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Google Talking appeals to a broad audience. From teenagers engrossed in the online lifestyle, to computer professionals looking to develop their own programs for Google Talk, to readers looking for a way to call family long distance for free, everyone will take something from the book.


Book information

  • Published: December 2006
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-59749-055-9

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Introductions 1. A Brief Look at IM’s History 2. A Brief look at VoIP 3. Open Standards are our friends! – A look a XMPP, jabber, and interoperability PART TWO: Bells and Whistles 4. IM hacks – Tweak your Google Talk chat sessions 5. Easter Eggs – Hidden surprises lurking about 6. Come Here, Watson, I need you! – Google Talk VoIP and peering PART THREE: Development 7. Google Talk: Under the Hood – A look at what makes it tick 8. Hand me that wrench! – APIs, code snippets, Google Talk “hacks” 9. The Future? – The future of Google Talk PART FOUR: That’s All, Folks! – Appendix, etc.