Google Earth Forensics book cover

Google Earth Forensics

Using Google Earth Geo-Location in Digital Forensic Investigations

Google Earth Forensics is the first book to explain how to use Google Earth in digital forensic investigations. This book teaches you how to leverage Google's free tool to craft compelling location-based evidence for use in investigations and in the courtroom. It shows how to extract location-based data that can be used to display evidence in compelling audiovisual manners that explain and inform the data in contextual, meaningful, and easy-to-understand ways.

As mobile computing devices become more and more prevalent and powerful, they are becoming more and more useful in the field of law enforcement investigations and forensics. Of all the widely used mobile applications, none have more potential for helping solve crimes than those with geo-location tools.

Written for investigators and forensic practitioners, Google Earth Forensics is written by an investigator and trainer with more than 13 years of experience in law enforcement who will show you how to use this valuable tool anywhere at the crime scene, in the lab, or in the courtroom.

Digital forensic practitioners, legal professionals, criminal investigators, computer security & forensic students

Paperback, 122 Pages

Published: December 2014

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-0-12-800216-2


  • Chapter 1: GPS Basics

    Chapter 2: KML/XML 101

    Chapter 3: Google Earth Basics

    Chapter 4: Organizing a Case

    Chapter 5: Annotating

    Chapter 6: Feature Baloons

    Chapter 7: Adding Images

    Chapter 8: Polygons

    Chapter 9: Measuring Distances

    Chapter 10: Perspectives

    Chapter 11: Legends and Logos

    Chapter 12: Creating a Tour

    Chapter 13: Distributing Cases

    Chapter 14: Extras



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