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In this 3 volume collection focusing on glycomics, readers will appreciate how such discoveries were made and how such methods can be applied for readers’ own research efforts


All levels of scientists starting from the last years of colleges, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows to professors and to all levels of scientists in research institutes including industry.

Included in series
Methods in Enzymology

Hardbound, 664 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-381001-4


  • "This book is very informative and is novel both in terms of problems discussed and also new methods used for glycobiology. This is also typical for the two subsequent volumes of "Methods in Enzymology" (Vols. 479 and 480), which will be also reviewed in Biochemistry (Moscow). This book will be very useful for glycobiologists and bioorganic chemists as well as for researchers working in molecular biology and biotechnology. It can also be recommended for university students and their teachers as supplemental material for the above-mentioned fields of science."--Biochemistry (Moscow)


  • Section I. Glycomics

    1. Mass spectrometric analysis of acidic oligosaccharides

    K-H. Khoo

    2. Mass Spectrometric Analysis of mutant mice

    Anne Dell

    3. Electrospray mass spectrometry including ESI FTICR-MS

    Robert Linhardt

    4. Mass spectrometric data base for N-glycan and O-glycan

    H. Narimatsu

    5. Mass spectrometric analysis of cancer-associated N-glycans.

    Shinichiro Nishimura

    6. Fucosylation as cancer marker

    Eiji Miyoshi

    7. Development of lectin microarray for glycan profiling and its application to disease-related biomarker development

    Jun Hirabayashi and Atsushi Kuno

    8. Cellular glycomics and versatile applications of lectin microarray

    Jul Hirabayashi and Hiroaki Tateno

    9. Carbohydrate-binding protein array

    Richard Cummings and David Smith

    10. Detection of weak binding sugar activity using membrane-based carbohydrates

    Kazuo Yamamoto

    11. Binding to synthetic glycopeptides

    Anne Lepannen and Richard Cummings

    12. Glycan array and Malectin

    Ten Feizi

    13. Imaging mass spectrometry

    Naoko Goto-Inoue

    Section II. Chemical Glycobiology

    14. NMR

    Yoshiki Yamaguchi

    15. Self/non-self recognition

    Koichi Fukase

    16. Multivalent ligand for CD22

    Mary O’Reilly and Jim Paulson

    17. Intramolecular interaction

    David Live

    18. Bacterial furanosides

    Todd Lowary

    19. 1,2-Cis glycoside of amino sugar.

    Shino Manabe

    20. Aminoglycoside antibiotics

    Timor Baasov

    21. Solid phase carbohydrate synthesis

    Peter Seeberger, Steffen Eller, Markus Weishaupt

    22. Novel synthesis of functional mucin glycopeptides containing both N- and O-glycans

    Shin-itiro Nishimura

    23. Chemoenzymatic synthesis of N-glycan

    Wei Huang

    24. Sialyl glycopeptides synthesis

    Yosuhiro Kajihara

    25. Synthesis of sialosides

    Makoto Kiso

    26. Metabolic glycosylation

    Jennifer Kohler

    27. Targeting tumors using homing peptides

    Michiko Fukuda


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