Globalisation, Information and Libraries book cover

Globalisation, Information and Libraries

The Implications of the World Trade Organisation’s GATS and TRIPS Agreements

This book provides an overview of the World Trade Organisation; in particular, it focuses on two of the agreements being developed at the WTO, which are due to be strengthened in 2005, and are likely to have significant implications for libraries and information: the General Agreement on Trade in Services (the GATS) and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The book argues that the library and information profession needs to be more aware of these agreements and the way in which they threaten some of the professional ethics and principles (such as the balance in copyright).

Paperback, 424 Pages

Published: February 2005

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-084-3


  • …provides an in-depth and yet accessible treatise on the implications of globalisation as represented by the impact of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on public services., New Library World
    …a very insightful book. essential book for anyone interestedin the privatisation of libraries or the public sector in general., New Library World
    The book should be compulsory reading for policy advisors in LIS professional associations, is recommended to all those interested in the role of librarianship in society., JDOC, Charles Oppenheim, Loughborough University, UK


  • Part 1 Globalisation and the World Trade Organisation: Globalisation and an overview of the WTO. Part 2 The general agreement on trade in the services: An overview of the GATS; The GATS, libraries, information and cultural services within an international perspective; Real-life examples of how the GATS is impacting on libraries in the UK; Positions taken by various library and cultural bodies on the GATS. Part 3 Agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights: TRIPS, copyright, libraries and information; TRIPS, patents, traditional knowledge, information and libraries in the developing world; Implications of TRIPS for information and libraries internationally. Part 4 An open Marxist theoretical perspective on global capitalism and the World Trade Organisation: Implications of GATS and TRIPS: an Open Marxist approach; The furtherance of global capitalism through the WTO; Conclusions.


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