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Global HIV/AIDS Medicine

HIV/AIDS management poses many different challenges around the world, and the therapies available in the West are often not economically feasible in developing countries. This new book is the first to address the myriad of clinical difficulties faced by health practitioners worldwide in managing HIV/AIDS. Edited by the same authorities responsible for the highly respected reference "The Medical Management of AIDS," with Associate Editors that include the President of the International AIDS Society and a preeminent opinion leader in the fight against AIDS in Africa, and authored by a "who's who" of current global experts on HIV and AIDS medicine, this visionary text presents all the practical, indispensable information that clinicians everywhere need to offer their patients the best possible care.

Infectious Disease Specialists


Published: October 2007

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-2882-6


  • I. The Common Core of HIV Management

    A. World-Wide HIV Epidemiology

    B. The Virology of HIV Infection

    1. Molecular insights into HIV Infection & Pathogenesis

    2. Biology of ARV Targets & Mechanism of Action

    3. Biology of ART Resistance, Repletive Capacity & Biological Fitness

    C. HIV & the Immune System:

    1. Immuno-pathogenesis & CD4 Kinetics

    2. Immune Response to HIV; CTLs & HIV

    3. Consequences of Immune Recovery from ART

    D. Biology of HIV Transmission

    E. Vaccine Development

    II. The Treatment of HIV Infection

    A. Natural History of HIV Infection

    B. Laboratory Testing for HIV

    C. Goals of ART

    D. ART Drugs

    1. Structure

    2. Mechanism of action

    3. Toxicity

    4. Drug-drug interactions

    5. Monitoring therapy

    III. Diseases of HIV Infection

    A. Organs Affected by HIV

    1. Oral complications of HIV

    2. Ocular complications of HIV

    3. Dermatological complications of HIV

    4. Gastrointestinal & hepatic manifestations of HIV

    5. Neurological manifestations of HIV

    6. Psychiatric manifestations of HIV

    7. Hematological manifestations of HIV

    8. Cardiovascular complications of HIV

    9. Endocrine manifestations of HIV

    10. Renal complications of HIV

    B. Specific Infections & Malignancies in HIV

    1. Pneumocystis pneumonia

    2. Other HIV-related pulmonary infections

    3. Mycobacterium avium complex & other atypical mycobacterial infections

    4. Tuberculosis in the HIV-infected patient

    5. Cryptococcosis

    6. Histoplasmosis & Blastomycosis

    7. Coccidioidomycosis

    8. Penicilliosis

    9. Candida infections

    10. Toxoplasmosis

    11. Hepatitis B & C in HIV-infected patients

    12. Bacillary angiomatosis and other unusual bacterial infections in HIV-infected patients

    13. Herpes virus infections

    14. Syphilis and other STDs in HIV-infected patients

    15. Malignancies associated with HIV

    IV. HIV Care & Prevention in Resource Limited Settings

    A. Management of tuberculosis

    B. Malaria & HIV infection

    C. Etiology and management of diarrhea in HIV-infected patients

    D. Implication and management of malnutrition in HIV infection

    E. ARV treatment: Unique problems in resource limited settings; generics and laboratory monitoring

    F. Models for delivery of ART in Africa

    G. ARV treatment in Central & South America

    H. ART in Russia & Eastern Europe

    I. Prophylactic therapy for prevention of OI’s

    J. Maternal to child transmission of HIV

    K. Management of HIV in children

    L. The unique problems of adolescence with HIV

    M. Prevention of HIV: problems unique to Africa

    N. Prevention of HIV infection in Southeast Asia; Condoms in Thailand

    O. Impact of HIV infection on economic development

    V. HIV Management & Prevention in Economically Developed Settings

    A. Managing HIV infection in intravenous drug users

    B. Pediatric AIDS

    C. AIDS in the elderly

    D. Special problems associated with women with HIV

    E. Guidelines for ART

    F. Guidelines for OI prevention & treatment

    G. Models for care of HIV-infected patients

    H. Community-based prevention programs

    I. Alternative therapies in HIV management


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