Global Bank Regulation book cover

Global Bank Regulation

Principles and Policies

Its focus on the prudential, global regulation of financial institutions drives this book's unique exploration of global policy principles.  Integrating theory, history, and policy debates, it provides a high-level, strategic treatment of the regulation of global banking.  With finely focused definitions and an intuitive scope, the authors pay particular attention to the international standards set by bodies such as the Basel Committe on Banking Supervision and the European Union. By beginning with the main justifications for the prudential regulation of banks and concluding in 2009, after regulators had proposed significant solutions to the crash, this lucid and engaging account of the principles, policies, and laws related to the regulation of international banking explains why and how governments work so hard on a convergence of rules and regulations.

Hardbound, 352 Pages

Published: October 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-641003-7


  • "This wide-ranging and authoritative book, written by two distinguished analysts of financial regulation, is a compelling read and of great value to regulators, financial practitioners and students alike. It is an excellent tour de force of the key issues in bank regulation which is set in a strong analytical framework. In the light of the global financial crisis, it makes a compelling case for an internationally coordinated approach to bank regulation."--David T. Llewellyn, Loughborough University

     "A fascinating and erudite introduction to the policies underlying bank supervision and the complexities of implementing those policies in an international environment based on national regulatory systems. Schooner and Taylor are among the world’s leading experts on banking regulation and their text will be an invaluable resource to students and practitioners for years to come." --Howell E. Jackson, Harvard Law School

    "Heidi Schooner and Michael Taylor have produced a work of the highest quality which is balanced and focused with the right amount of detail.  considerable thought has obviously been given to design and structure.  All relevant topics received expert attention."  "This book will become the leading point of reference for those who need to understand bank regulation within the global context.  I am happy to fully recommend it without hesitation."  -- Andrew Campbell, School of Law, University of Leeds.  Full review - Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Volume 26, Issue 3, 2011.


  • Introduction:- The Global Financial System and the Problems of Regulation

    1-The Changing Nature of Banks

    2- Panics, Bank Runs and Coordination Problems

    3- Collapsing Dominos and Asset Price Spirals

    4- The Financial Safety Net and Moral Hazard

    5- Sources of Bank Regulation

    6- Bank Licensing and Corporate Governance

    7- Bank in Corporate Groups: Ownership and Affiliation

    8- Bank Capital: Why Regulate Capital

    9- Bank Capital: The New Capital Adequacy Framework: Basel II and Credit Risk

    10- Bank Capital: The New Capital Adequacy Framework: Basel II and Other Risk

    11- Direct Controls on Risk-Taking

    12- Consolidated Supervision and Financial Conglomerates

    13- Anti-Money Laundering/ Countering the Financing of Terrorism

    14- Bank Closures

    15- Institutional Structure of Regulation

    16- Regulation After the Global Financial Crisis


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