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Getting Attention

Leading-Edge Lessons for Publicity and Marketing

Getting Attention: Leading-Edge Lessons for Publicity and Marketing is a savvy and innovative guide to getting your message heard in today's dynamic and noisy markets. It's an insider's look at what works and what doesn't in the fast-paced, high-tech world of communications. You'll learn to leverage a spectrum of new and often free technologies, not only the Internet, to distinguish your product or service and reach customers and influencers. Getting Attention reveals how to tailor a message for a specific or multiple media so that it has the best chance of reaching and informing your target market. And most importantly, the book features countless guerrilla tactics for achieving the publicity and marketing results you need without spending a lot of money.You'll learn how to blend innovative and traditional promotional techniques and create programs that build customer relationships and bolster your bottom line. Gain the real-world success secrets from leading marketing visionaries from the non-profit, entertainment, government, and corporate high-tech fields. Whether you're a PTA volunteer, a manager at a start-up company, or the head of a Fortune 1,000 corporate communications department, Getting Attention can help you successfully position your product or service for success.

Anyone who has a need to get free publicity and to make the most of their marketing resources.


Published: April 2000

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7259-7


  • An informative guide to stimulate exciting, new marketing strategies. Arts Business Magazine - 9th April 2001


  • Twentieth Century Tools and Techniques; The Internet; Effective Marketing on Web; Electronic Mail; Push Technology; Wireless Technology; Influencing the General Public; Approaching the News Media; Marketing and Publicity on a Shoestring; Mixing Technology with Tradition; What's next?; Free Stuff and Resources; Appendix


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