Geriatric Physical Therapy book cover

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive presentation of geriatric physical therapy science and practice. Thoroughly revised and updated, editors Andrew Guccione, Rita Wong, and Dale Avers and their contributors provide current information on aging-related changes in function, the impact of these changes on patient examination and evaluation, and intervention approaches that maximize optimal aging. Chapters emphasize evidence-based content that clinicians can use throughout the patient management process. Six new chapters include: Exercise Prescription, Older Adults and Their Families, Impaired Joint Mobility, Impaired Motor Control, Home-based Service Delivery, and Hospice and End of Life. Clinically accurate and relevant while at the same time exploring theory and rationale for evidence-based practice, it’s perfect for students and practicing clinicians. It’s also an excellent study aid for the Geriatric Physical Therapy Specialization exam.

Hardbound, 624 Pages

Published: January 2011

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-02948-3


  • Part 1: Foundations

    1. Geriatric Physical Therapy in the 21st Century: Overarching Principles and Approaches to Practice
    2. Implications of an Aging Population for Rehabilitation: Demography, Mortality, and Morbidity
    3. Physiology of Aging-related Decline and its Functional Impact
    4. Geriatric Pharmacology
    5. Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults
    6. Part 2: Contexts for Examination and Intervention

    7. Health and Function: Patient Management Principles
    8. Environmental Design: Accommodating Sensory Changes in Older Adults
    9. Cognitive impairment in Older Adults
    10. Evaluation of the Acute and Medically Complex Patient
    11. Motivation and Patient Education: Implication for Physical Therapist Practice
    12. Older Adults and Their Families
    13. Part 3: Evaluation, Diagnosis, and the Plan of Care

    14. Impaired Aerobic Capacity/Endurance
    15. Impaired Joint Mobility
    16. Impaired Muscle Performance
    17. Impaired Motor Control
    18. Impaired Posture
    19. Ambulation: Impact of Age-related Changes on Functional Mobility
    20. Balance and Falls
    21. Part 4: Special Problems and Interventions

    22. Impaired Integumentary Integrity
    23. Management of Urinary Incontinence in Women and Men
    24. Conservative Pain Management for the Older Adult
    25. Lower Limb Orthothese for Older Adults
    26. Prosthetic Management for the Older Adult with Lower Limb Amputation
    27. Part 5: Special Populations and the Continuum of Care

    28. Wellness for the Aging Adult
    29. Home-health Physical Therapy
    30. Patient Management in Post-Acute Inpatient Settings
    31. Hospice and End of Life
    32. Senior Athlete
    33. Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities
    34. Part 6: Societal Issues

    35. Reimbursement and Payment Policy
    36. Health Policy and Advocacy in the United States: A Perspective for Geriatric Physical Therapy


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