Geomorphology: The Research Frontier and Beyond book cover

Geomorphology: The Research Frontier and Beyond

Perspectives on the future directions of research in geomorphology form the major theme of this volume. Ten geomorphologists were asked to "star-gaze", that is provide opinions about the future direction of their specialty. Each paper is supported by the literature that currently defines the research frontier.


Published: August 1993

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-89971-2


  • Preface. Geomorphology: the research frontier and beyond - Introduction (H. Jesse Walker). Extraterrestrial geomorphology: science and philosophy of Earthlike planetary landscapes (V.R. Baker). Human influence in geomorphology (A. Goudie). Soil geomorphology - Present dilemmas and future challenges (J. Gerrard). Mass movement; the research frontier and beyond: a geomorphological approach (D. Brunsden). Glacial geomorphology: modeling processes and landforms (J.M. Harbor). Periglacial morphology in the 21st century (D. Barsch). The changing geomorphology of the humid tropics (A. Gupta). The research frontier and beyond: granitic terrains (C.R. Twidale). Coastal geomorphology through the looking glass (D.J. Sherman, B.O. Bauer). Fluvial geomorphology: where do we go from here? (D.G. Smith). List of Contributors. The Binghamton Symposia in Geomorphology.


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