General Parasitology book cover

General Parasitology

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Hardbound, 827 pages

Published: February 1986

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-170755-2


  • "The text emphasizes the biological relationships among the traditional parasitic animals, the protozoa, worms, and anthropods. It has several excellent chapters introducing the major groups of human and animal parasites."


  • Parasitism and Symbiosis.The Microenvironment and the Phases of Parasitism.Immunity to Parasites.Introduction to the Parasitic Protozoa.Sarcodina and Opalinata: The Amoebae and Opalinids.Apicomplexa, Microspora, Ascetospora, and Myxozoa.Ciliophora: The Ciliates.Introduction to the Symbiotic Flatworms.Monogenea: The Monogenetic Trematodes.Digenea: The Digenetic Trematodes.Cestoidea: The Taperworms.Cestrodaria: The Unsegmented Tapeworms.Eucestoda: The True Tapeworms.Acanthocephala: The Spiny-Headed Worms.Nemata: The Roundworms Adenophorean Nematodes.Secernentean Nematodes Physiology and Biochemistry of Nematodes.Introduction to the Parasitic Arthropods.The Mites.Introduction to the Parasitic Insects.Diptera: The Flies, Gnats, and Mosquitoes.Hemiptera: The True Bugs.Hymenoptera: The Wasps.Coleoptera: The Beetles.Strepsiptera: The Twisted-Wing Insects.Other Zooparasites.Index.


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