Gene Expression Systems

Using Nature for the Art of Expression

Edited by

  • Joseph Fernandez, Invitrogen Corporation, Carlsbad, California, U.S.A.
  • James Hoeffler, Invitrogen Corporation, Carlsbad, California, U.S.A.

Gene Expression Systems: Using Nature for the Art of Expression offers detailed information on a wide variety of gene expression systems from an array of organisms. It describes several different types of expression systems including transient, stable, viral, and transgenic systems. Each chapter is written by a leader in the field. The book includes timelines and examples for each expression system, and provides an overview of the future of recombinant protein expression.
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Molecular Biologists, Biochemists, Protein Chemists, and Biophysicists.


Book information

  • Published: November 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-253840-7

Table of Contents

Contributors.Introduction: The Art of Expression.Purpose of This Book.Selecting a Suitable Expression System:Considerations.Genomics and the Future of Protein Expression Systems, J.M. Fernandez and J.P. Hoeffler.Prokaryotic Expression Systems:Gene Expression Systems Based on Bacteriophage T7 RNA Polymearse, R. Durbin.Expression Vectors Employing the trc Promoter, J. Brosius.Bacillus Expression: A Gram Positive Model, E. Ferrari and B. Miller.araB Expression System in Escherichia coli, M. Better.Eukaryotic Expression Systems:Adenoviral Vectors for Protein Expression, D.J. von Seggern and G.R. Nemerow.Expression in the Methalotrophic Yeast Pichia pastoris, J.M. Cregg.Recombinant Protein Expression in Pichia methanolica, C.K. Raymond.Cytomegalovirus Promoter for Expression in Mammalian Cells, M.F. Stinski.Inducible Mammalian Expression Systems, M.Russell.Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells Using Sindbis Virus, R.P. Bennett.Expression in Insect Systems:Drosophila S2 System for Heterologous Gene Expression, R.B. Kirkpatrick and A. Shatzman.Baculovirus Expression Vector System, M. Galleno and A.J. Sick.Transgenic Expression:Recombinant Protein Expression in Transgenic Mice, R. Abbud and J.H. Nilson.Expression of Recombinant Proteins in the Milk of Transgenic Animals, H.M. Meade, Y. Echelard, C.A. Ziomek, M.W. Young, M. Harvey, E.S. Cole, S. Groet, T.E. Smith, and J.M. Curling.Recombinant Protein Expression in Plants, A.E. Voloudakis, Y. Yin, and R.N. Beachy.Index.