Gels Handbook, Four-Volume Set, 1-4 book cover

Gels Handbook, Four-Volume Set, 1-4

Professionals and academics working in materials science, particularly with plastics and polymers. Medical researchers and doctors, pharmaceutical engineers, chemical engineers,

Hardbound, 1509 pages

Published: October 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394690-4


  • "The articles are abundantly illustrated with diagrams and charts, and have ample references. Many of the authors are experienced in commercial activities, and bring the benefit of this experience to the subjects they treat. Each of these four volumes is separately indexed. The final volume's Data Summary includes concise descriptions giving the names, classifications, manufacturing method, solvent, characteristics, gel preparation method, uses, raw material manufacturers, product manufacturers, references to related literature, and chemical formula for about 120 gels. Despite some problems of expression (which may have been due to the translator, copy editors, or proof readers, or some combination thereof) this is a most interesting collection of articles on gel science and technology. It should be of considerable value to those engaged in industries that apply gels, as well as to polymer scientists and other researchers; it will also be of interest to students to find the enormous breadth of applications for gels."
    --ROBERT MICHAELSON, Science and Engineering Librarian, Northwestern University,, Vol. 4, No. 5, May 2001


  • Shortened table of contents: Part One: Definitions and Classifications of GelsChapter 1: Definition and Classification of GelsChapter 2: Theory of Gelation and Processing of GelsChapter 3: Structure and Material Property of GelsPart Two: The FunctionsChapter 1: OutlineChapter 2: FunctionsPart 3: The ApplicationsChapter 1: Sanitary ProductsChapter 2: Daily NecessitiesChapter 3: Food, WrappingsChapter 4: Medicine, Medical CareChapter 5: Agriculture, GardeningChapter 6: Civil Engineering, ConstructionChapter 7: Chemical EngineeringChapter 8: Electronic and Electrical EngineeringChapter 9: Sports, Leisure IndustryPart 4: The Environment: Earth's Environment and GelsChapter 1: Maintaining the EnvironmentChapter 2: Greenery TechnologyChapter 3: Sanitary Products and Environmental Problems


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