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Gatekeepers of Knowledge

A Consideration of the Library, the Book and the Scholar in the Western World

Throughout its history, the Western library has played a significant role in bringing the book to the hands of Western scholars. This book analyses that history, examining constructs of librarianship, publishing and scholarship within that history as gate keeping access to knowledge. Exploring significant events in the field from the time of the Lyceum to the present day in the development of repositories of books and their access by scholars. Gatekeepers of Knowledge engages in an analysis of those events from a perspective that makes visible the ways in which the production, storage and access of books, have been privileged, while others have been marginalised.

Practicing academics in the field of librarianship, pedagogy, critical theory, language arts, education, English and other humanities-based subjects

Paperback, 146 Pages

Published: February 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-505-3


  • Descriptively titled, thought provoking and easily read, this book is a gem., The Australian Library Journal
    This is a hugely valid and valuable book for librarians, publishers and those interested in critically engaging with the slippery concept of the Information Society., Journal of Librarianship and Information Science
    Provides an excellent discussion of the many elements that have shaped scholarship, research, knowledge, and libraries through the medium of the written word., Australian Academic & Research Libraries


  • From the agora to the scriptoria; From the scriptoria to the printery; From the printery to the bookshelves; From the bookshelves to the study; Scholars of the second millennium.


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