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This book provides an excellent overview of current technologies for the gasification of coal, oil, gas, biomass and waste feedstocks. Starting from the basic theory, it reviews the potential feedstocks and their suitability for different types of gasification process. Commercial and near-commercial processes are described individually and various features discussed in detail. There is a comprehensive review of contaminants in synthesis gas as well as of gas treating processes. One chapter is devoted to discussions of various chemical, fuel and power applications for gasification. Economic, environmental and safety issues of gasification are also covered. Both authors have been involved with gasification for over 30 years, gaining in the process a fund of practical insight and experience, which is evident throughout the book.

Chemical engineers, refining, petrochemical industries, chemical engineering students.


Published: September 2003

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7707-3


  • 'The book is highly recommended as a first exposure for any engineer to gasification and its applications.....An outstanding feature is the comprehensive list of references at the end of each chapter......The book succeeds in covering virtually all technical aspects of gasification.' Chemical Engineering Research and Design, April 2004


  • Preface1. Introduction 1.1 Historical Development of Gasification1.2 Gasification Today2. The Thermodynamics of Gasification 2.1 Reactions 2.2 Thermodynamic Modelling of Gasification 2.3 Deductions from the Thermodynamic Model 2.4 Optimizing Process Conditions3. The Kinetics of Gasification and Reactor Theory 3.1 Kinetics 3.2 Reactor Theory 3.3 Applications to Reactor Design4. Feedstocks and Feedstock Characteristics 4.1 Coals and Coke 4.2 Liquid and Gaseous Feedstocks 4.3 Biomass 4.4 Wastes5. Gasification Processes 5.1 Moving Bed Processes 5.2 Fluid Bed Processes 5.3 Entrained Flow Processes 5.4 Oil Gasification and Partial Oxidation of Natural Gas 5.5 Biomass Gasification 5.6 Gasification of Wastes 5.7 Black Liquor Gasification 5.8 Miscellaneous Gasification Processes6. Practical Issues 6.1 Effect of Pressure 6.2 Pressurization of Coal 6.3 Coal Sizing and Drying 6.4 Reactor Design 6.5 Burners 6.6 Synthesis Gas Cooling 6.7 Particulate Removal 6.8 Process Measurement 6.9 Trace Compounds in Synthesis Gas 6.10 Choice of Oxidant 6.11 Corrosion Aspects7. Applications 7.1 Chemicals 7.2 Synfuels 7.3 Power8. Auxiliary Technologies 8.1 Oxygen Supply 8.2 Acid Gas Removal 8.3 CO Shift 8.4 Sulphur Recovery9. Economics, Environmental and Safety Issues 9.1 Economics 9.2 Environmental 9.3 Safety10. Gasification and the FutureAppendix A The Companion WebsiteAppendix B Conversion factorsAppendix C Emissions conversion factorsAppendix D Guidelines for Reporting Operating Statistics for Gasification FacilitiesAppendix E Basis for calculationsNomenclatureNames of Processes and Companies and AbbreviationsIndex


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