Gas Turbines

A Handbook of Air, Land and Sea Applications


  • Claire Soares, EMM Systems, Dallas, Texas, USAPrincipal Engineer (P. E.), Turbomachinery specialist, managing director of EMM Systems, Dallas, TX, USA

This major reference book offers the professional engineer - and technician - a wealth of useful guidance on nearly every aspect of gas turbine design, installation, operation, maintenance and repair. The author is a noted industry expert, with experience in both civilian and military gas turbines, including close work as a technical consultant for GE and Rolls Royce.
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Professional Engineers in Mechanical Engineering involved with energy systems, and transportation systems; Aerospace Engineers involved in propulsion systems; Manufacturers of Gas Turbines; Quality and Reliability Engineers in the industries and areas that make extensive use of gas turbine engines, Maintenance Engineers; Machinists, and others who are charge with the upkeep and repair of gas turbine engines


Book information

  • Published: December 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7969-5

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Gas turbines: An Introduction and Applications.Chapter 2: History of gas turbines.Chapter 3: Basic heat cycles of gas turbine applicationsChapter 4: Major componentsChapter 5: Cooling and load bearing systemsChapter 6: Inlets, exhausts and noise suppression. Chapter 7: FuelsChapter 8: Accessory systemsChapter 9: Controls, Instrumentation and DiagnosticsChapter10: Gas turbine performance, performance testing and performance optimizationChapter 11: Environmental technologyChapter 12: Maintenance, Repair and OverhaulChapter 13: InstallationChapter 14: Manufacturing, materialsChapter 15: The business of gas turbinesChapter 16: Microturbines, Fuel cells and hybridsChapter 17: Education and trainingChapter 18: Future trendsChapter 19: Basic design theoryChapter 20: References and Resources