Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook


  • Meherwan Boyce, Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME, USA) and Fellow, The Institute of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers, (IDGTE, U.K.), Consultant and managing partner of The Boyce Consultancy Group, Texas, USA

The Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook has been the standard for engineers involved in the design, selection, and operation of gas turbines. This revision includes new case histories, the latest techniques, and new designs to comply with recently passed legislation. By keeping the book up to date with new, emerging topics, Boyce ensures that this book will remain the standard and most widely used book in this field. The new Third Edition of the Gas Turbine Engineering Hand Book updates the book to cover the new generation of Advanced gas Turbines. It examines the benefit and some of the major problems that have been encountered by these new turbines. The book keeps abreast of the environmental changes and the industries answer to these new regulations. A new chapter on case histories has been added to enable the engineer in the field to keep abreast of problems that are being encountered and the solutions that have resulted in solving them.
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Industrial Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Field Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineers


Book information

  • Published: April 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7846-9


Review of first edition: "The handbook should find its place in all the reference libraries of those engineers and technicians who have even a small responsibility for design and operation of gas turbines." - Clifford M. Simmang, Texas A&M University

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Gas TurbinesChapter 2: Theoretical and Actual Cycle AnalysisChapter 3: Compressor and Turbine Performance CharacteristicsChapter 4: Performance and Mechanical StandardsChapter 5: Rotor DynamicsChapter 6: Centrifugal CompressorsChapter 7: Axial-Flow CompressorsChapter 8: Radial-Inflow TurbinesChapter 9: Axial-Flow TurbinesChapter 10: CombustorsChapter 11: MaterialsChapter 12: Gas Clean Up SystemChapter 13: Bearings and SealsChapter 14: GearsChapter 15: LubricationChapter 16: Spectrum AnalysisChapter 17: BalancingChapter 18: Couplings and AlignmentChapter 19: Control Systems and InstrumentationChapter 20: Gas Turbine Performance TestChapter 21: Maintenance TechniquesChapter 22: Case StudiesAppendix: Equivalent UnitsBibliographyIndex