Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering book cover

Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering

Modeling and Analysis

The advent of reliability engineering tools coupled with the cost of oil and gas operations has changed the paradigm of maintenance technology. A simple strategy of efficient replacement of failed equipment/component has been transformed into a more complex but proactive approach for keeping equipment running at peak efficiency concept of "total process" reliability engineering and maintenance. Applied Oil and Gas Reliability Engineering: Modeling and Analysis is the first book to apply reliability value improvement practices and process enterprises lifecycle analysis to the Oil and gas Industry. With this book in hand, engineers also gain a powerful guide to the most commonly used software modeling tools which aid in the planning and execution of an effective maintenance program.

Easy to understand, the book identifies equipment and procedural problems inherent to oil and gas operations then applied a systematic approach for solving them. In this book, the author combines qualitative and quantitative methods with powerful software modeling tools to assist engineers in formulating a custom maintenance policy which will ensure process efficiency, reduce projects cost, reduce redundancies and optimum equipment replacement time.


Petroleum Production Engineers, Oil Rig Supervisors, Process Safety Engineers, and Chemical Engineers

Hardbound, 544 Pages

Published: September 2012

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-12-391914-4


  • Chapter 1 - The importance of reliability engineer to enterprises

    The main point is to define in which enterprise phases will be implemented Reliability engineer tool and advantages and drawbacks. In Addition, some examples to success cases.

    Chapter 2 - Reliability Value Improving Practice Methodology

    The main objective is to explain The Reliability Value Improving Practices Methodology and which are the advantages, drawbacks, difficulties and challenges to apply such methodology along enterprises phases.

    Chapter 3 - Equipments Life Cycle data analysis

    The main objective is to explain the mathematic methods to deal with failure historical data being quantitative and qualitative in order do define equipments reliability. There will be examples showing how to apply in real cases reliability tools to take decision with reliability dates. That is the first step to perform System simulation. In order to simplify understanding some real cases examples will be applied,

    Chapter 4 - Modeling, Simulation and Critical Analysis

    The main objective is to explain how model complex systems using reliability diagrams blocks, the software’s characteristics (MAROS, TARO, BLOCKSIM) and how to understand simulation results to take decisions. In order to propose improvements actions some reliability targets as system Availability, System efficiency, System Reliability, Reliability Index, Downtime Critical Events, Availability rank, Failure critical index. In order to simplify understanding some real cases examples will be applied,

     Chapter 5 - Sensitivity Analysis

    The main objective is to explain how test system vulnerabilities to external events like other plants unavailability, facilities unavailability using simulation. In addition is possible to check some opportunities in economics system performance defining better equipment stock level, maintenance policy, optimum equipment replacement time and cost reduction in project taking out some equipment and defining equipments reliability requirement. In order to simplify understanding some real cases examples will be applied.

    Chapter 6 - Complex Reliability Value Improvements practice: The RAM+L methodology

    The main objective is to comprise several systems together in same model and consider logistics issues in order to have more systemic vision about complex macro system which is comprised for several systems. Such methodology will take into account reliability and logistics issues and an example will be applied.


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