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Fuzzy Logic in Chemistry

Fuzzy Logic has gained increasing acceptance as a way to deal with complexity and uncertainty in many areas of science and engineering. This book is the first to address its practical applications to chemical systems. Ten distinguished authors discuss the role of fuzzy logic in the characterization of a variety of chemical concepts, including chirality, quantum systems, molecular engineering and design, and hierarchical classification methods. Fuzzy Logic in Chemistry will appeal to both students and professionals who are seeking to learn more about theory and applications in an area of growing importance to the physical sciences.

Graduate students and academics in chemistry and chemical engineering; students of fuzzy systems.

Hardbound, 364 Pages

Published: March 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-598910-7


  • "...the book provides a useful introduction to potential chemical applications,..."
    --Gerald Maggiora, Pharmacia & Upjohn, CHEMISTRY & INDUSTRY.

    "...the book is a good summary of current applications of fuzzy logic in chemistry. It provides a thought-provoking examination of the way chemists think about struture. In addition, the application oriented chapters illustrate the utility of fuzzy logic for understanding spectra and structures."
    --Matthew Clark, Institute for Scientific Information, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND COMPUTER SCIENCE


  • D.H. Rouvray, Preface. L.A. Zadeh, Foreword. D.H. Rouvray, The Treatment of Uncertainty in the Physical Sciences. G.J. Klir, From Classical Mathematics to Fuzzy Mathematics. K. Mislow, Fuzzy Restrictions and Inherent Uncertainties in Chirality Studies. A. Amann, Fuzzy Classical Structures in Genuine Quantum Systems. P.G. Mezey, Fuzzy Measures of Molecular Shape and Size. J. Brickmann, Linguistic Variables in the Molecular Recognition Problem. J. Xu, The Use of Fuzzy Graphs in Chemical Structure Research. I.P. Bangov, Fuzzy Logic in Computer-Aided Structure Elucidation. D. Dumitrescu, Fuzzy Hierarchical Classification Methods in Analytical Chemistry. Subject Index.


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