Fusion Technology 1992 book cover

Fusion Technology 1992

The aim of the biennial series of symposia on Fusion Technology organized by the European Fusion Laboratories, is the exchange of information on the design, construction and operation of fusion experiments and on the technology being developed for the next-step devices and fusion reactors. The coverage of the volume includes the technological aspects of fusion reactors in relation to new developments, thus forming a guideline for the definition of future work.

These proceedings comprise three volumes and contain both the invited lectures and contributed papers presented at the symposium, which was attended by 569 participants from around the globe. The 343 papers, including 12 invited papers, characterise the increasing interest of industry in the fusion programme, giving a broad and current overview on the progress and trends fusion technology is experiencing now, as well as indicating the future for fusion devices.


Published: May 1993

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-89995-8


  • Abbreviated. Invited Papers. New engineering aspects of high field tokamaks (R. Andreani). Non-metallic materials for plasma facing and structural applications in fusion reactors (H. Bolt). Comparison of recent fusion reactor studies based on toroidal magnetic confinement (G. Grieger). Experience gained during the first tritium experiment with relevance for full D-T phase of JET (R. Haange on behalf of JET team). High energy neutron facilities for testing fusion materials (T. Kondo et al.). The role of edge physics and confinement issues in the fusion reactor (K. Lackner). Accident analysis and safety of future fusion devices (H. Loeffler). Breeding blanket for DEMO (E. Proust et al.). The ITER challenge (P.H. Rebut). Technological aspects of RFP and helical systems (G. Rostagni). Plasma engineering aspects of large Tokamak Operation (F.C. Schuller, A.A.M. Oomens). Plasma facing components of RF antennas (G. Tonon). Contributed Papers. Sections: I. First Wall, Divertors and Vacuum Systems (57 papers). II. Plasma Heating and Control (52 papers). III. Experimental Systems (17 papers). IV. Magnets and Power Supplies (46 papers). V. Data Acquisition and Control Systems (24 papers). VI. Fuel Cycle and Tritium Processing Systems (29 papers). VII. Blanket Technology and Materials (60 papers). VIII. Remote Handling (11 papers). IX. Future Machines (8 papers). X. Reactor Studies (4 papers). XI. Safety and Environment (23 papers). Author index. (A complete list of contents is available on request from the Publishers.)


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