Fungicides, BIocides and Preservative for Industrial and Agricultural Applications


  • Ernest W. Flick

Describes approximately 350 fungicides, biocides, and preservatives that are currently available for industrial and agricultural usage. The book will be of value to industrial and agricultural, technical, and managerial personnel involved in the specification and use of these products. It has been produced from information received from numerous industrial companies and other organizations.
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Industrial and agricultural, technical, and managerial personnel involved in the specification and use of these products.


Book information

  • Published: December 1988
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1125-0

Table of Contents

Abbott Laboratories to Buckman Laboratories Abbott Laboratories AMICAL Flowable Preservative AMICAL 48 Preservative AMICAL 50 Preservative for Latex Paints Agtrol Chemical Products Agricultural Fungicides Alco Chemical Corp. American Cyanamid Company Angus Chemical Company Bedford Chemical Division Beecham Home Improvement Products, Inc. Betz Energy Chemicals, Inc. Betz Laboratories, Inc. Buckman Laboratories Calgon Corp. to Dupont Calgon Corp. California Products Corporation Chapman Chemical Co. W.A. Cleary Chemical Corp. Cosan Chemical Corporation Dexol Industries Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Co. Dow Chemical U.S.A. Dupont Eastern Color & Chemical Company to Koppers Co., Inc. Eastern Color & Chemical Company FMC Corporation Great Lakes Chemical Corp. Griffin Corp. Gustafson, Inc. Hopkins Agricultural Chemical Co. Kincaid Enterprises, Inc. Koppers Co., Inc. Leffingwell to Nuodex, Inc. Leffingwell M&T Chemicals, Inc. MAAG Agrochemicals, Inc. Mallinckrodt, Inc. Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corp. Mobay Chemical Corp. Mooney Chemicals, Inc. Morton Thiokol, Inc. Nuodex, Inc. O'Brien Industries, Inc. to Vineland Chemical Co. O'Brien Industries, Inc. Olin Chemicals Pennwalt Corporation Rhone-Poulenc, Inc. Rohm and Haas The O.M. Scott & Sons Co. Standard Tar Products Co., Inc. Stauffer Chemical Company Tennessee Chemical Company Troy Chemical Corp. Union Carbide Corp. Uniroyal Chemical Co., Inc. U.S. Professional Laboratories R.T. Vanderbilt Co., Inc. Vikon Chemical Co., Inc. Vineland Chemical Co.Suppliers' AddressesTrade Name IndexChemical Name Index