Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes book cover

Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes

We are hearing a LOT about renewable energy these days! But unlike most available resources on alternative energy that focus on politics and economic impacts, da Rosa's practical guide, Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes, is dedicated to explaining the scientific and technological principles and processes that enable energy production from safe, renewable, clean sources.

Advances in the renewable energy sphere are proceeding with an unprecedented speed, and in order for the world's alarming energy challenges to be solved, solid, up-to-date resources addressing the technical aspects of renewables are essential.

This new, updated 2e of da Rosa's successful book continues to give readers all the background they need to gain a thorough understanding of the most popular types of renewable energy?hydrogen, solar power, biomass, wind power, and hydropower?from the ground up. The latest advances in all these technologies are given particular attention, and are carefully contextualized to help professionals and students grasp the "whys and hows" behind these breakthroughs.

Primary: Engineers, Scientists and Technicians working with Renewable Energy Secondary: Researchers, Students, and Investors working in renewable energy-related disciplines

Hardbound, 864 pages

Published: March 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374639-9


  • Chapter 1: Generalities Part I: Heat Engines Chapter 2: A Minimum of Thermodynamics Chapter 3: Mechanical Heat Engines Chapter 4: Ocean Thermal Energy Converters Chapter 5: Thermoelectricity Chapter 6: Thermionics Chapter 7: AMTEC Chapter 8: Radio Noise Generators Part II: The World of Hydrogen Chapter 9: Fuel Cells Chapter 10: Hydrogen Production Chapter 11: Hydrogen Storage Part III: Energy from the Sun Chapter 12: Solar Radiation Chapter 13: Biomass Chapter 14: Photovoltaic Converters Part IV: Wind, Water, and EarthChapter 15: Wind Energy Chapter 16: Ocean Engines


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