Fundamentals of Nursing book cover

Fundamentals of Nursing

Caring and Clinical Judgment

The new edition of Fundamentals of Nursing gives you complete coverage of the nursing principles, concepts, and skills that form the foundation of a solid nursing education. This engaging text features streamlined procedures that focus on the essential information you need to know to provide safe and effective care. Each clinical chapter begins with a case study and an overview of key nursing diagnoses, and then assessment, planning, interventions, and evaluation are presented within the context of that case study and those key diagnoses. A new Companion CD provides a variety of activities and review questions to help you master important concepts.

Hardbound, 1424 Pages

Published: April 2007

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3436-0


  • UNIT 1 The Social Context of Nursing

    1. The Nursing Profession

    2. The Legal and Ethical Context of Practice

    3. The Cultural Context of Practice

    4. The Health Care Delivery System

    UNIT 2 A Framework for Nursing Practice

    5. Caring and Clinical Judgment

    6. Client Assessment

    7. Assessing Vital Signs

    8. Physical Assessment

    9. Making a Nursing Diagnosis

    10. Planning, Intervening and Evaluating Care

    11. Documenting Care

    UNIT 3 The Tools of Practice

    12. The Nurse-Client Relationship

    13. Client Teaching

    14. Managing Client Care

    15. Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research

    UNIT 4 The Well Client Across the Life Span

    16. Infancy Through School-Age

    17. Adolescents and Young Adults

    18. Middle and Older Adult New!!

    UNIT 5 Health Perception – Health Management Pattern

    19. Health Perception

    20. Health Maintenance: Lifestyle Management

    21. Health Maintenance: Medication Management

    22. Health Protection: Risk for Infection

    23. Health Protection: Risk for Injury

    UNIT 6 Nutritional – Metabolic Pattern

    24. Promoting Nutrition

    25. Restoring Nutrition

    26. Maintaining Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

    27. Promoting Wound Healing

    28. Body Temperature

    UNIT 7 Elimination Pattern

    29. Managing Bowel Elimination

    30. Managing Urinary Elimination

    UNIT 8 Activity – Exercise Pattern

    31. Managing Self-Care Deficit

    32. Restoring Physical Mobility

    33. Preventing Disuse Syndrome

    34. Supporting Respiratory Function

    35. Supporting Cardiovascular Function

    UNIT 9 Sleep – Rest Pattern

    36. Managing Sleep and Rest

    UNIT 10 Cognitive – Perceptual Pattern

    37. Managing Pain

    38. Supporting Sensory/Perceptual Function

    39. Supporting Verbal Communication

    40. Managing Confusion

    UNIT 11 Self-Perception – Self-Concept Pattern

    41. Promoting Self-Concept

    42. Managing Anxiety

    43. Managing Vulnerability

    UNIT 12 Role – Relationship Pattern

    44. Managing Functional Limitations

    45. Managing Loss

    UNIT 13 Sexuality – Reproduction Pattern

    46. Maintaining Sexual Health

    UNIT 14 Coping – Stress – Tolerance Pattern

    47. Supporting Stress Tolerance and Coping

    48. Supporting Family Coping

    UNIT 15 Value – Belief Pattern

    49. Supporting Spirituality

    UNIT 16 The Surgical Client

    50. The Surgical Client


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