Fundamentals of Nursing - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card) book cover

Fundamentals of Nursing - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card)

Caring and Clinical Judgment

This is a Pageburst digital textbook; The new edition of Fundamentals of Nursing gives you complete coverage of the nursing principles, concepts, and skills that form the foundation of a solid nursing education. This engaging text features streamlined procedures that focus on the essential information you need to know to provide safe and effective care. Each clinical chapter begins with a case study and an overview of key nursing diagnoses, and then assessment, planning, interventions, and evaluation are presented within the context of that case study and those key diagnoses. A new Companion CD provides a variety of activities and review questions to help you master important concepts.

Book, 1424 Pages

Published: April 2007

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3531-0


  • UNIT 1 The Social Context of Nursing

    1. The Nursing Profession

    2. The Legal and Ethical Context of Practice

    3. The Cultural Context of Practice

    4. The Health Care Delivery System

    UNIT 2 A Framework for Nursing Practice

    5. Caring and Clinical Judgment

    6. Client Assessment

    7. Assessing Vital Signs

    8. Physical Assessment

    9. Making a Nursing Diagnosis

    10. Planning, Intervening and Evaluating Care

    11. Documenting Care

    UNIT 3 The Tools of Practice

    12. The Nurse-Client Relationship

    13. Client Teaching

    14. Managing Client Care

    15. Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research

    UNIT 4 The Well Client Across the Life Span

    16. Infancy Through School-Age

    17. Adolescents and Young Adults

    18. Middle and Older Adult New!!

    UNIT 5 Health Perception - Health Management Pattern

    19. Health Perception

    20. Health Maintenance: Lifestyle Management

    21. Health Maintenance: Medication Management

    22. Health Protection: Risk for Infection

    23. Health Protection: Risk for Injury

    UNIT 6 Nutritional - Metabolic Pattern

    24. Promoting Nutrition

    25. Restoring Nutrition

    26. Maintaining Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

    27. Promoting Wound Healing

    28. Body Temperature

    UNIT 7 Elimination Pattern

    29. Managing Bowel Elimination

    30. Managing Urinary Elimination

    UNIT 8 Activity - Exercise Pattern

    31. Managing Self-Care Deficit

    32. Restoring Physical Mobility

    33. Preventing Disuse Syndrome

    34. Supporting Respiratory Function

    35. Supporting Cardiovascular Function

    UNIT 9 Sleep - Rest Pattern

    36. Managing Sleep and Rest

    UNIT 10 Cognitive - Perceptual Pattern

    37. Managing Pain

    38. Supporting Sensory/Perceptual Function

    39. Supporting Verbal Communication

    40. Managing Confusion

    UNIT 11 Self-Perception - Self-Concept Pattern

    41. Promoting Self-Concept

    42. Managing Anxiety

    43. Managing Vulnerability

    UNIT 12 Role - Relationship Pattern

    44. Managing Functional Limitations

    45. Managing Loss

    UNIT 13 Sexuality - Reproduction Pattern

    46. Maintaining Sexual Health

    UNIT 14 Coping - Stress - Tolerance Pattern

    47. Supporting Stress Tolerance and Coping

    48. Supporting Family Coping

    UNIT 15 Value - Belief Pattern

    49. Supporting Spirituality

    UNIT 16 The Surgical Client

    50. The Surgical Client


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